From Dancing Jets to Bursting Beyblades – My 2016 Spring Season so far

After the 2016 Winter season, which was either surprsingly good or unsurprisingly bad according to some people (the opinions go in both directions), Spring comes up with a lot of hype… In other words, a lot of hyped up anime which I will ignore for now, I’m specifically talking about Boku no Hero Academia and Flying Witch here. However, there are of course anime I watch this season, some of them hyped, some of them not, some of them already hated before they were even out, some of them already overhyped before they were even out.

This post is about every first episode in this season of all the shows I watch this season so far. The order I present is of no significance, the header picture for this post… MAYBE (Mikumo is Waifu of the season, this is a fact).

I will not go into the stuff too much, since these are still first episode, and the anime shouldn’t be completely judged by that.

Macross Delta



The Macross Franchise is established as one of the biggest Sci-Fi Universes in Anime, next to the Gundam Franchise. However, the chances of it being licensed in the West and with that the chances of a legal stream service as well as a possible BD Release in the west are pretty much 0. Why? Because the company “Harmony Gold” possesses certain rights to this franchise, you can read about this here

Macross Delta already had 89% of the first episode released in a Preview at the start of the Winter season. I will not make it a secret: I loved it and I pretty much tweeted about every frame in this episode. It’s cheesy as fuck yet it’s incredibly entertaining.

The official  first episode of Macross Delta is basically the Preview episode with an extension at the end, so said the ACTUAL end of this episode. The plot of the anime goes as follows: The (incredibly cute) girl Freyja is on the way to the planet Ragna to enter an audition for the Tactical Sound Unit WALKURE, a unit which songs can neutralize the socalled “Var” a kind of a virus which can infect creatures, humans and aliens included, and make them run amok. However, she ends up on the wrong planet with the protagonist with the name “Hayate Immelmann”…

The episode gives introcution to Protagonists, the WALKURE Unit and the Antagonists of the show. Freyja Wion especially was immediately in the spotlight of many people, since she is just really cute, as well as the animation around her which goes along with her emotions and feelings that just sticks out.

Freyja’s Faces are wonderfully loose at points. This adds a lot to the comedic sense of the show and makes her even more adorable than she already is.

Halfway through the episode we already get out first battle scene which leads to the introduction of the WALKURE unit. 4 Idols which voices can neutralize the Var and with their personal guardians, the Delta Platoon. This scene is really cheesy, it begins with the Idols tranforming in a magical girl manner which looks pretty damn good to be honest. And then their concert starts and every being who is probably in life danger starts cheering for them. While they sing, the idols evade bullets, jump on other mechs, evade explosions… it’s ridiculous but I still liked it.

Best girl (Mikumo Guynemer) jumping around, did I mention that the idols have thrusters under their skirts so they can “jump” mid-air?

However, What I didn’t like was the song they performed: “Love! Halation THE WAR”. First, what the hell is this song title? Second, I didn’t really like the song. I was rather underwhelmed, knowing that I loved songs from Macross Frontier and looked forward to similar good songs in Delta.

After the Idol performance the Antagonists, The Aerial Knights,  get inroduced and this is where I really start liking this episode.  This introduction leads right into some really nice dogfight action, starting right off with a trademark of the Macross Franchise, the Itano Circus:

The action sequences look pretty damn nice. Dogfights is not something you see that often in anime.

Quickly after that a fight with the Delta Platoon which is really fucking cool. I really hope to see more of that in the future of Macross Delta. The jets have a really neat design, move fast and swiftly and make ammo wasting look stylish. The CGI here really deserves some praise.

Itano Circus in all it’s glory, the effects, beams and explosions as well as the camera movement, make this look wonderful.

Then the second song of this episode is performed by WALKURE, “Ikenai Borderline”and it sounds bloody amazing. After this I can say out of my own belief, that this show has better music than most idol-focuses shows out there. It is here to point out the singing voice of Mikumo, “JUNNA” who is 15 years old is in the foreground. A rather young talent, who really kinda has a, quote from the anime: “Voice of a goddess”.

More action scenes follow, and we get an amazing mecha performance… literally. the Protagonist literally dances around with a Mecha to fight the incoming enemies. SERIOUSLY. And it’s fucking amazing. Thanks to the song and the good CGI, this looks incredibly entertaining, I really hope for more cool breakdancing performances by  Mechs in the future!

Do I even need to say anything here?

So yeah, that’s it for Macross Delta episode 1. It’s cheesy in a very good way and I could talk almost endlessly about it, for example that we have a Protagonist who has yet to find his “passion” and is in the situation of not finding it. I mainly pointed out my personal highlights here, to make this as short as possible what totally worked as you can see here… maybe I should do episodic reviews about Macross Delta.

Koutu.. Kuo… Kotu… Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, produced by Studio Wit, just like Attack on Titan. Directed by Tetsuro Araki, just like Attack on Titan. Soundtrack composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, just like Attack on Titan. Script by Hiroshi Seku JUST LIKE… Owari no Seraph, ha, didn’t expect that, right?…. I’m kidding anyway, Seku also did a lot of scripts for episodes of Attack on Titan.

This is basically how a lot people saw this anime after the trailers were out, and it received already quite some hate because of that. The trailers, the promotion, everything just screams “Attack on Titan with Trains”. And after the episode I can certainly say… that it kinda is “Attack on Titan with Trains”, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad.

What kinda no one notices about this anime is that we have a kind of a Steampunk Setting, with a lot of things that work with Steam, like Steam Guns, Steam Cannons, Trains and so on. This is not something we see often in anime and it’s very welcome to me. And thanks to that setting, watching this anime didn’t feel a lot like Attack on Titan even tho there are so many things that could just have been straight out of Attack on Titan


This show has a very pretty artstyle at points, however, It can not keep this consistent, what you can see here

Talking about the visuals, we have my second best girl of this season who goes by the name of “Mumei”. The artstyle already adds to her beauty and characterwise we have someone who seems to rather agree with the Protagonists viewpoint of  not mercilessly killing everyone who got bitten by the Kabane, some kind of zombie which is the equivalent to the Titans in Attack on Titan.

Nice cut and nice legs


Accustingly, we have a great name. The soundtrack is what you expect from the composer Hiroyuki Sawano. It’s pretty great, that said ,it fails to stick out to me like his work for e.g. Gundam Unicorn, which is my favourite soundtrack of him, but maybe we will get some great tracks in the future.

The city gets attacked and the first episode ends in a cliffhanger just like… you get the point. Still, Kabaneri makes up for a probably really good anime, with a Protagonist who seems not to be like Eren Jäger from Attack on Titan, which is good to me cause I really disliked Eren. The protagonist Ikoma seems way less of a overly aggressive boy and is more like someone who actually accomplishes something out of his own will.

I’ll keep definetely on watching this, and look forward to the future of this anime.

Joker Game



Joker Game is an anime which is set around the time before the second world war, 1937. It’s about a spy agency which works against foreign and internal forces. We have an anime about spies and agents set before World War II… I expected it to be cool and the first episode was really fucking cool.

After introducing us to the spies, we get introduced to the concept of the “Joker Game”. A game where spies give each others hidden signs about certain information, however these informations could be fake and they have to bribe them to get them on their side. This game got established and already used twice in the first episode. This leads to a cliffhanger which could force our protagonist (?) Sakuma to commit suicide.

This is really cool and it could lead to some very interesting twists and turns, as we could have possible battles of wits in the future, something I really look forward to.

Also, this anime has my favourite opening of this season, just really stylish and cool and fitting to the setting of the Spies and the Joker Game itself.

This just could be my anime of the season, who knows, maybe I’ll do episodic review of this anime as well.

Bongou Stray Dogs


The first episode of Stray Dogs features a cat in the first episode. No dogs, but a cat. 0/10 worst anime ever, let’s move on.



It’s somewherere 2015. The staff of P.A. Works are sitting in their conference room and are really high because they decided to do drugs that day. However at some point, someone realizes that it’s the 15th anniversary of the studio and they quickly had to decide what to do. high as they were they came up with the idea to do something for the anniversary they never did before. A MECH SHOW.

This is probably not how it happened, but I’m still not really sure, why P.A. Works decided to do a Mech show for their 15th anniversary and I don’t really get the decision… For a birthday like this, I would have expected an anime who represents what the studio stands for. Like Hanasaku Iroha, you know, their 10th anniversary project!

the effect look rather nice, but overall I’m not a fan of the Mech Designs

Ironically this is the first time I ever cared about an anime by this studio (except for Canaan), because I’m a Mecha freak. And the Mecha which looked horrible in the trailers… looked pretty ok in the anime

However… will this work? We have once again cute schoolgirls in high schools (+ a naked Samurai)… But can it be combined with the Mecha in this show? I’m someone who is rather fed up with the high school scenario and I can’t take it seriously when it is combined with a Mecha aspect. The characters so far look rather uninteresting to me (which can be subject to change, it’s only the first episode) and the story is.. alright I guess?

I’m really not sure what to think of this anime so far, I can’t really say much more about it except for “I guess I liked it?” I will write about this anime more in a possible Dropreport of mine, or when I’m 3-4 episodes in.

Bongou Stray Dogs



Okay, Okay. Judging an anime because there are cats instead of dogs altho the title clearly says “Stray DOGS” is a little bit unfair so here is my actual first impression of Stray Dogs.

Stray Dogs has my attention from a friend who told me that the Director of this anime is the same as for Star Driver, Igarashi Takuya. And knowing that I really liked Star Driver, I put this anime also in my watchlist.

The first episode introduces the whole cast of the “Armed Detectives” who are all referring to a famous bookwriter. Ranpo Edogawa for example was a detective novel writer, who had included some really fucked up shit in his novels, like a man who hides himself within a chair to feel the bodies on top of him. It featured some pretty nice animation and some interesting characters. Someone who got kicked out of an Orphanage or someone who constantly tries to commit suicide more or less. I’m looking forward to what this anime does with this cast of characters, especially considering, which personalities they are referring to..

Sakamoto Desu Ga?


We almost made it, guys! Sakamoto Desu Ga is produced by Studio DEEN. Wait, no, don’t already scroll to the next anime, I’m not finished here!

Sakamoto Desu Ga is an anime about Gary Stu as an anime character. This guy is  cool, cooler, coolest, he’ll make you gay or htero, depending on your gender.So far, this anime is pretty funny and entertaining. However, This will be a gag comedy joke and I’m already worrying about that It will always be the same gag over and over again: Some guy/girl/people appear, they don’t like Sakamoto or feel rejected by him, and fight or seduce him to get fabulously beaten by him.

I just really hope it doesn’t and like that, but so far, it’s pretty… cool

Beyblade Burst


I hope your eyes are not spinning at how much I wrote till now, because now we talk about spinning things! “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!!”… not, cause this catch phrase was actually never used in the Japanese Dub it seems, they just say “3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT” instead which is less cool than letting it rip in my opinion.

Yeah, Beyblade is on again, and as someone who really liked watching this show, I kinda looked forward to it. It did not dissappoint me. The matches start rather small but I kinda hope for matches again, that destroy whole stadiums, however, the highlight match in this episode is really cool. Really well build up and I also got kinda hyped during the match, just before the start of the second battle when the protagonist starts to really feel the power of his own Beyblade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beyblade Burst is an anime which needs to build up it’s cast first, only the protagonist and a “rival” of him get introduced and the Opening as well as the Preview to episode 2 show, that there are more characters coming to the main cast of this anime.

So far so good, I really like the anime and, just like most other shows this season I look forward to what it can accomplish.

And that’s pretty much it for my impressions of the 2016 Spring Season. I’m gonna go watch the second episode of Macross Delta now, I have rather high expection.

See ya, bye bye then

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  1. You know, I really like your style of writing, as in: “I think you’re funny and can keep the matter interesting.”, but (!!) you definitely need to exercise actually writing more. This blog oozes mediocre english and typos, making it feel unnatural to read. If you get around to changing that, maybe by reading more well written blogs, having actual conversations, etc. (No, Twitter definitely doesn’t count!), you have a rosy future ahead of you. (Or at least I will, because that means I get some good blog to read.)

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