Macross Delta Episode 2 – Please marry me, Mikumo

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-22-53-84
Two episodes in and I already want Mikumo to marry me, just how will this end…?

The episode starts where the first episode ended. Hayate and Freyja are on crash course with the planet but get saved just before they make a very rough and most likely deadly landing. WALKURE still sing their hearts out with “Ikenai Borderline” to finally stop the Var outbreak in the city and the Aerial Knights retreat because they “already accomplished” their missions.

And now comes something I have awaited. The actual opening of the show appears and what can I say other than “I fucking love it”? That said, it is to 90% the song which I love about the Opening. “Ichido dake no Koi nara” performed by WALKURE is just incredibly pleasing to hear with some pretty amazing singing voices and the music which just fits. Thanks to that I watched the opening at least 10 times before I continued with the actual episode. While the song is clearly the highlight of the opening, the Visuals are also quite nice yet I wouldn’t call them too special. Despite that the Opening gives some interesting hints about characters and story without spoiling too much.

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After that, Mirage scolds Hayate for using high-grade military technology carelessly only to receive the answer, that she was off in the performance in the episode before, thus being rather careless herself. Of course she doesn’t receive this well and leaves pretty angered.

While we are already at it I want to talk about our Protagonist Hayate Immelmann, because he is rather interesting.

Hayate Immelmann is introduced in the first episode as a pretty lazy guy. However, the more we see of him the more we realize that his laziness comes from a lack of passion for anything. In the second episode it is pointed out that Hayate has had a lot of jobs in his past on a lot of planets, most likely being fired from every single one due to the matter of said laziness (in the first episode he got fired from his current job for the exact same reason). At the end of episode 1 we see a different Hayate though, a really passionate one who has who really went along fighting to the rhythm of the music.

Over the course of episode 2, he is able to grasp this passion he felt better, as the leader of the Delta Platoon shows him “the wind” he has tasted in episode 1. It ends up with him really going along with this feeling and basically flying as the wind pushes him upwards in the air a bit.

“The wind” seems to be an important thing in this show. The Aerials knights speak of it, Freyja speaks of it and the Delta Platoon does so as well. I  define it as the “feeling” of flying through the air which describes the passion of said activity, feeling the air around one as you glide high up through the sky, where a crash can possibly be life-threatening. Hayate Immelmann seems to have found his passion in that feeling, which I expect to lead him through this show.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 14-41-00-81.jpg
Other than that, Hayate is a bit of a dick and jokes around a lot. However, he is still a very sympathetic guy.

Back to the episode, Freyja and Hayate both fly to Ragna to the audition for WALKURE which takes place at the Macross Elysion.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-03-20-72.jpg
No Macross without the namegiving Fortresses. This here is the Macross Elysion.

However, Freyja didn’t qualify for the audition and can not take part in that event. The Walkure Members notice this and knowing that Freyjas voice harbors a lot of potential after her singing in episode 1, it is decided to give her a special permission and she ends up participating.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 14-51-44-05.jpg
Freyja’s faces are one of the highlights of this show

Mirage appears and aggressive sparks are flying between her and Hayate again. The beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Hayate gets called by the Delta Platoon and the girl who is supposed to lead him to the leader somehow LOSES him. Hayate goes outside of the Headquarters to the Jets, which is followed by the already mentioned scene, where he gets to really embrace the feeling of “the wind”.

At the same time, Freyja is at the Audition for WALKURE and unfortunately fails. However on the way down from the Headquarters, the Var breaks out inside Freyja’s vehicle. Just before the infected person kills her, Freyja realizes what she is supposed to do at this situation and starts to sing.

This song also adds to the scene of Hayate, when he is riding “the wind” which is really well done. Freyja’s voice, which appears without any background music in the scene, is stunningly beautiful and makes it almost magical. And the song she sings is actually “Love! Halation THE WAR”, which I didn’t like in the first episode, but with the vocal of Freyja only it sounds amazing.

It turns out at the end, that the Var outbreak inside Freyjas vehicle was only a set up by Mikumo who thought that Freyjas true potential can only be released when she feels like she is in danger and acted out a Var outbreak with fake blood and acted panic.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-06-06-97.jpg
As If I could not recognize you, Mikumo aka Best Girl.

Freyja gets accepted into WALKURE and Hayate gets accepted into the Delta Platoon. However, the very last scene is Mirage yet again who is really pissed at Hayate for touching her plane… she’s about as passionate about her plane as I am about Mikumo, IF ANYONE HURTS MIKUMO JUST A LITTLE BIT I’M GOING TO KILL HIM.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-09-46-20.jpg
The ending is very playful and cute with Freyja in the focus and edited real life backgrounds. I can feel that a lot of love went into this Ending.

The episode was great. With the clear highlight being the Freyja’s song near the end and a very awesome opening and ending, Macross Delta is not disappointing me at all. We also got a quite a good glimpse at Hayate’s character who will hopefully evolve even more in the future episodes. What I didn’t show by the way, was that the Antagonists, the Aerial Knights got a scene as well, however it basically was the same at the beginning of the episode where everyone was rather displeased with terminating the operation so early and ask for the reason, which is that the “mission was already accomplished”. We don’t get much more exposition than that.

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-18-11-41.jpg
Look to the right, Mr Megane has freaking glasses collection.

I hope of course, that we get more coverage on the position of the Aerial Knights and why they are so hostile against WALKURE.

And with that, I like to finish this post. I will try to keep up in pushing out the posts about each of Macross Delta’s episode. So far I enjoy Macross Delta a whole lot and look forward to the future episodes!

mpc-hc 2016-04-11 15-15-12-03.jpg
Cutie face to end this post, See ya bye bye then~


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