Macross Delta Episode 3 – “Dogfights” but no dogs

mpc-hc 2016-04-18 17-16-27-87.jpg
A Mercat… an Umineko….


Macross Delta Episode 3 comes with the Title “Stormy Dogfight” so I expected some dogs. To make it short: there were none. Of course this is inexcusable, therefore I dropped this shitty anime just like Bungou Stray Dogs…. *sighs*

Of course I was in no way serious just now. “Dogfights” is a term for an aerial battle between several planes in case you don’t know it yet. And this was one of the main things that happened this episode.

First off if you don’t care about the Summary of the episode, just scroll down to “My thoughts on…” to see my Review of this episode.

Oh before we begin a little apology, this comes rather late since my life has been ruled by Dark Souls 3 (Post about this game will come soon). I hope you don’t mind the delay.

The episode begins with pissed off Mirage bringing Hayate on a little flight trip and not a necessarily pleasant one. After he pukes out all of his frustration, Commander Arad assigns Mirage as Hayate’s training officer, much to the dislike of Mirage of course. This is something I already saw coming but to see Mirage being really angry about this is really damn entertaining.

The two new recruits, Hayate for the Delta Platoon and Freyja for Walkure, get introduced into their new homes. However, before that, they get interrupted by a Mercat, who completely goes havoc at the customers of a local restaurant. After even the Ragnarians, who naturally inhabit the planet and are introduced as a seafolk, can not catch the damn mercat he slaps Hayate for no apparent reason and escapes.

mpc-hc 2016-04-22 21-53-12-63
Wasn’t this episode called “Stormy Dogfight” or something….?

It turns out tha Freyja will live together with Kaname from the WALKURE Unit and Mirage from the Delta Platoon. Makina and Reina from the WALKURE Unit live together in a different dorm and give out some Yuri Vibes. The most interesting thing however is, that Mikumos home is not known to the others, they apparently only see her at work which is a shame, because I really want to live together with her but this is another matter.

At the next day Hayate doesn’t show up to his lesson, he just wants to fly and not listen to some teachings, which pisses Mirage off again… I’m starting to see a pattern here. But here we have once again, the Hayate who just can’t or more accurately refuses to do stuff he doesn’t want even if it is necessary for doing what he wants. Thanks to that, he completely screws up the following flight lessons, since he didn’t learn the basics in theory and almost gets himself killed.

Freyja also doesn’t do to well. She has quite the trouble keeping up with the other WALKURE members, also her voice is not able to be as strong as it potentially can get. Mikumo however already knows what’s up with this. What then comes is this:

HOLY MOTHER OF… Ok, I dare to say it, Mikumo is hot as well as beautiful.

Hayate skips the lesson again, to go hunt that godfucking Umineko with Chuck, another Pilot of the Delta Platoon, which of course fails.And after a scolding by Mirage, he seems to be unmotivated to continue. Mirage decides to give him a “final exam” to check if he is really suited for such a job.

At the day of the final exam Freyja’s voice is tested again and the WALKURE members realize that Mikumos theory is true. It seems, that she can only be strong at high stakes or more accurately, when she or Hayate are in great danger. That’s why the members decides to show her Hayate’s final exam where he flies a dogfight against Mirage. He has to hit Mirage at least once in a time limit of 5 minutes. However, Hayates tries to do risky maneuvers to evade Mirages constant attacks and brings himself in life danger.

Mikumo flying down elegantly to Freyja… she’s just perfect in so many ways

It works, Freyjas true potential awakens and she can sing so powerful that it reaches Hayates ears. As he hears this song he is able to go along with “the wind” again and flies out of his potentially life-threatening seadive. He goes back to Mirage and with a Turn-maneuver inspired by the Mercat who he hunted before, he is able to strike a hit on Mirage and pass the exam. However, Messer shoots him (which is weird, cause “Messer” is the german word for “knife” and this not something you shoot) and interrupts his victory dance to show him that he shouldn’t underestimate the battlefield. Hayate accepts that he has to actually attend Mirages classes to actually improve his skills. The episode ends with Freyja making fun of Hayate. After the ending credits, we get a glimpse of “Heinz-sama”, the prince of the Aerial Knights of Windermere….

mpc-hc 2016-04-23 15-56-32-40.jpg
Guess what, that’s a boy

My Thoughts On Macross Delta Episode 3

If there is one thing that I noticed by now about Macross Delta, it is how it takes it time developing story and characters as well as the environment. When we look at both episode 2&3 we get to know the environment before the actual action happens. In episode 2, Freyja and Hayate didn’t go directly to the WALKURE audition, instead they wandered around the city a bit, which the show used to introduce the natural inhabitants of Ranga, the Ragnarians, as a more amphibious species. This would also explain why Chuck called one of his maneuvers in episode 1 “Submarine Attack” even though he is flying a plane…

In episode 3, we get to know the characters of the Delta Platoon more, including WALKURE and the show has a lot of fun at the biginning with the Mercat and his desire for chaos. The Mercat itself is used as a plotpoint later to explain how Hayate was able to pass his exam at the end. I also love that the Ragnarians say “Aloha” which basically fits a lot and gives them quite some charm.

Freyja faces are wonderful. This is her reaction at seeing Hayate Merslapped by the Mercat.

Talking about Hayate, I love how the show handles the protagonist. The protagonist in the first episode has ABSOLUTELY NO experience with Military Tech. At first it seems ass-pulled that he can pilot Mechas to such extent that he dances around enemies, but this gets explained. Hayate says that the mech he is piloting is a lot like the Mech at the work in the same episode, so he knows how to steer it plus he can not pilot a jet which is shown that he gets shot down almost immediately in episode 1 as he arises in to the Sky with the Mech transforming into a jet. Second, he goes with “the wind” and the song of Freyja, we can see in episode 3 what happens when he doesn’t have this. In other words: Hayate in the state of episode 3 still sucks at piloting and this is good. Because If he were an ace pilot after 1 & 2 episodes… yeah, that’s inauthentic and makes this character look really silly.

The problem now is, since the first 3 episodes are mainly about the Protagonists getting introduced to their new environment, some watchers might drop off, because “nothing happens” or what they actually want to say, “No action happens”. And Macross Delta cleverly minimizes this possibility by putting in some great and tense moments each episodes. In episode 2, we have the sudden Var Invasion in Freyjas vehicle and in episode 3 the final exam between Mirage and Hayate. Both scenes are pretty rich in action and are almost magical since the anime just knows how to combine Insert Songs with what is happening on-screen. Furthermore it never feels forced, thanks to the fact that the Invasion in episode 2 was only a Set-up by Mikumo and in episode 3 it’s an exam in planes for practice, this is completely normal for a Cadet like Hayate.

mpc-hc 2016-04-23 17-02-57-22
Freyja singing with the plane almost going along with her melody is really great and Macross Delta pushes this to a point where I could speak of “perfection”.
A thing to note here: Do you notice how the Hayates plane follows the movement of Freyjas hand?

Now after episode 3, the series shows the title “A Shocking Debut Show”. This is a probable sign that we will now approach the actual plotline of Macross Delta. I’m really looking forward to this.

Cutie Freyja to end this post. See ya, bye bye then~


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