Macross Delta Episode 4 – The Aerial Knights of Windermere

As I predicted in the last post about Macross Delta, episode 4 is now approaching the actual storyline of this show. We get to see a few pretty great action scenes and a “proper” introduction of the antagonists. Also we see Mikumo naked….. now that is a cheap clickbait, let me correct that: We see Mikumo naked, but not from an angle where we can see a lot.

Just like always, scroll down to “My thoughts of…” if you’re not interested in the summary.

Before the Opening Credits we get to see a scene on Windermere where we see that the Windermereans have a grudge against WALKURE and the rest of the universe. We do not see directly what this grudge is, but I have a theory, we’ll come to this later.

After the opening credits we get to see a little party to welcome Freyja into WALKURE (and Hayate into the Delta Platoon) also we get to see some possible romance subplots.

Let’s put the obvious ones, such as Kaname and Commander Arad or Freyja and Hayate aside and concentrate on the real OTP: Reina and Jellyfish

a thing I noticed after a short while… more or less immediately, because I love her: Mikumo doesn’t attend to this. Instead we see her outside where she lets the exhibitionist inside her run free. There she questions the reasons why she and the other WALKURE members sing, something she will confront Freyja later with.

Mikumo’s body is obscured by her beautiful hair… she’s just sooo perfect that I don’t even care about that we to see pretty much nothing from her body *~*

Pretty soon the Debut of Freyja in Walkure happens, and Freyja is of course nervous as hell. As WALKURE and the Delta Platoon are on the way to their destination planet, where Freyja makes her Debut, we see Hayate more or less fangirling about his new plane. Makina, the big tits idol, introduces Hayate to his new girlfriend, the VF-31 Siegfried and also mentions that the plane has been adapted to his style of flying, in other words, no supporting AI which takes over the piloting occasionally but there is a similar function, called X-Gear System, he can activate if things get messy. After this Freyja appears and some great fanservice for long-time Macross Fans happens. As she explains how she got to know WALKURE and their music, she refers to the music of the other bands or singers in the Macross Series, Lynn Minmei from the very first Macross, the Band Fire Bomber from Macross 7 as well as Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier are mentioned.

Before the concert, the WALKURE members talk about their debut with Freyja and Mikumo asks Freyja why she sings. Freyja can not answer this spontaneously and Makina interrupts to ask Mikumo why she sings. The answer…

Cg5P1AiUcAAikyk.jpg large.jpg
I would have no problem with that, Mikumo.

After that, the concert of WALKURE  starts. Freyja, nervous as she is stumbles at the beginning and is really nervous. However her clumsiness makes her a fan-favourite quite at the beginning of the concert and she gains a ton of fans. The concert itself is gorgeously well made, the song is pretty damn good and the animation is as well.

I really like the movement animation here. One of my favourite scenes is Freyja’s little stumble at the end which she perfectly changes into a cute pose making the whole sequence pretty damn adorable.
mpc-hc 2016-04-26 17-38-29-73.jpg
Mikumo is a bit harsh to Freyja this episode. Not too much in an assholish way, but it’s noticable. As for why, maybe she tries to pressure her a bit so the concert becomes a “high stakes” situation for Freyja where she starts singing with all she got. Also I can not show it here very well but Mikumo is really damn charming while she says that.

However the concert gets interrupted by the Aerial Knights who directly attack WALKURE. The attack is fended off, but the incoming allies of the Delta Platoon are hit by the Var and attack them. A fight breaks out in which Hayate along with Mirage and Chuck do not want to kill the hostile planes since they are actually allies. Mirage gets almost shot down  by Borque, one of the Aerial Knights as she tries to shoot the wing of one of the Var infected pilots trying to avoid a kill. She gets saved by Messer but as he tries to take on Borque he himself gets interrupted by Keith Aero Windermere, probably the head pilot of the Aerial Knights seeing that the colour frame on his plane is golden unlike the other knights, which is shown later. They immediately recognize each other from their first encounter on Al-Shahal in episode one and get into a wild dogfight with one another.

Meanwhile on the ground Hayate tries to protect Freyja without actively killing the hostile Mech but almost fails as his plane gets damaged. He gets saved by Mikumo who encourages Freyja to sing with her to cure the Var. In that Duet which is absolutely amazing, Freyjas Fold Receptors, which is in the voice of every Walkure member and neutralizes the VAR, are activated what wasn’t the case during their concert. The Var gets neutralized but the Attack was a Decoy. The planet Windermere has invaded another planet while this was going on. and the episode ends with The Aerial Knights who so far traveled in camouflage revealing their true colours quite literally and the Windermereans declaring war against the socalled “New Unified Government” which is the Union the Delta Platoon is part of. It also turns out that Heinz, the prince of the Windermereans is the voice behind the Var outbreak.


My thoughts on Macross Delta episode 4

Great episode, it gives more insight to the villains and gives them a proper introduction. In episode 1 Commander Arad of the Delta Platoon already hinted at that he knows the flying style of the back then unknown hostile fighters. With the reveal we also get introduced into their actual intentions, which is starting a war against the “New Unified Government” and the origin of the Var outbreaks which lie within their Prince which voice causes these outbreaks.

From the jets showing their true colours…
…over the tranformation…
…to the final formation, this scene was really damn cool. I love how the Aerial Knights are introduced.

As for the motivation behind them, I have a theory. It seems that the Windermereans worship the voice of their prince (which probably also supports their feeling of “The Wind” similar to how Freyja does with Hayate) and they know that his voice causes the Var outbreak. However, instead of finding a way to make his voice not let people go amok the Union instead “overplays” his song with the WALKURE unit, and this is my theory of where the grudge Borque talks about at the beginning of this episode comes from.

The Dogfight action in this episode is really quite cool. More of this please!

This episode also features quite a cliché scene for Mecha Anime. It’s the protagonist refusing to attack and kill. However, this scene in particular has two changes which makes this scene stick out in comparison to other Mecha:

  1. The Attackers are Allies who got infected by the Var and can not think for themselves. It’s understandable that Hayate doesn’t want to attack them.
  2. Hayate isn’t the only who refuses. Mirage and Chuck also dislike the idea of attacking allies and try to avoid it if possible. This makes Hayate less of the “lone stubborn idiot protagonist who doesn’t get the concept of war” stereotype we often see in Mechas

Thanks to these 2 aspects, Hayate doesn’t become a “lone idiot” but someone who has a good reason for not attacking and also gets supported by some teammates. I’m usually really pissed off at such protagonists who refuse killing but this scene manages to avoid this and makes Hayate a very believable protagonist.

The music in this episode was so good. “Uncertain Cosmic Movement” was a pretty catchy song with a nice performance by WALKURE in the anime. The second insert song is “Bokura no Senjou” which already was used as an insert song in episode 3 but this time Mikumos voice is in the foreground in a duet with Freyja. And let me tell you this, her voice is godly. JUNNA, the 15-year-old singing voice behind Mikumo is just incredible, you need to listen to it to understand what I mean, but seriously, it’s AMAZING.

I’m as always looking forward to the next Macross Delta episode. I’m especially looking at Freyja here, with her being a Windermerean herself, people will undoubtedly start getting hostile against her. Let’s see how this will go.

mpc-hc 2016-04-26 17-51-52-32.jpg
MakMaki and ReiRei to finish this post. See ya, Bye Bye then~


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