Dark Souls 3 – My experiences with the Bosses (Part 1)

In this post I will tell you about every boss in the game, how I fought it and how my general experience with each boss was. I played the game on New Game as well as on New Game+, The bosses will be shown in the order I defeated (not encountered since I defeated some bosses way after I encountered them first) them in NG.

So let’s directly dive into it, shall we?

1. Iudex Gundyr, the Tutorial Boss

Rather big enemy, small player, like usual in Dark Souls.
  •  Weapon used: Longsword, Knight Shield
  • Deaths: 2
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword + 5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

The tutorial boss is in my opinion the best tutorial boss of the Dark Souls series. We see him in the arena after the tutorial area and have to draw a coiled sword out of him. Then he slowly stands up and the fight begins. Iudex Gundyr is not too aggressive and poses certainly a challenge but not to veterans to the series. I still died to him 2 times thanks to the aggressive outbreak when he is at 50% health. There he turns from the big warrior into a giant monster which moves in an almost unpredictable manner. However, despite that, his attacks are rather weak and and he has only a small amount of health. This boss is certainly a challenge, but definitely not unbeatable.

In NG+ I had no problem with this boss. Two-Handing the Fume Ultragreatsword, the Healthbar of this boss depleted so quickly it barely made it to the second phase.

Thankfully the boss comes rather early, if he would have more aggression, different timings and would push out more damage, he might actually pose a really tough challenge.

2. Vordt of the Boreal Valley, The ice-cold Fatty

a fat Outrider Knight basically


  • Weapon used:Refined Uchigatana + 1, Knight Shield
  • Deaths: 5
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword +5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

The first REAL boss of Dark Souls 3 comes in the High Wall of Lothric Area. Vordt is a not too aggressive boss at first and the best tactic is: Stick to his rear, most attacks will not hit you there, just pay attention when he turns around. At around 50% health he will go into a second phase where he will be more aggressive… a lot more aggressive. He will charge at you 3 times and do an attack where he spits frost all over the place. However, this attack can be interrupted by a single attack from your side. Then keep on the tactic from phase 1 and Victory shall be yours.

I died 5 times to this boss, blocking the charge attack is not a good idea and I kinda sucked at evading. I always took damage from his hits because I missed my timings and furthermore I did not stick to the plan on being always behind him. Also, with the Uchigatana in my hands, I went for a Dex Build at first (which will change once I get the Zweihander), a build I am really unfamiliar with. Still, I don’t think the boss was too hard. Reasonable Challenge but don’t expect to get your ass frozen.

In NG+ I had the general tactics down. Also I had a Fume Ultragreatsword +5 two-handed. This boss went down in no time.

3. Curse Rotted Greatwood, Keep on hitting the balls!

See these white ballsacks on that thing? That’s where you need to hit this tree
  • Weapon used: Refined Uchigatana + 2, Knight Shield
  • Deaths: 4
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword +5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

So the Curse Rotted Greatwood is a really ugly enemy. The moment you enter the bossroom you should kill the minions who are praying to that tree, just approach so much that they stand up and attack you, do not get closer than that or you’ll trigger the bossfight which will be a pain in the ass with all the minions around. The first phase of the fight went rather smoothly. Just go for the balls between his legs….. once they are destroyed and the tree cries out in pain since it really hurts when you slice up someone’s balls, the second phase begins where he smashes the ground and you fall with the tree into a giant cave. All minions, if there are any, die from the fall and it’s now a giant 1 vs 1 between you and a tree.

The second phase is without doubt harder than the first phase, since he gains an arm which he can grab you with. Being careful is key here. When you’re behind the boss he’ll roll over which can really hurt and the hand can reach around his body and kan kill you… I died 4 times to that. Keep on hitting the balls you see, there is one in one of his legs, in the back there are some, on his stomach are some as well and on his tree hands are some as well. The new hand is also sensitive and can be damaged. However, his attacks are quite predictable since they come rather slow (except for the hand), you should have barely any problems with this boss.

In NG+ his health was down to around 40% when the second phase begun. The Fume UGS just does so much damage and I also managed to destroy the ballsack in his leg after destroying the ballsacks between his legs before the second phase was initiated. Thanks to that huge damage output and knowledge where the bosses weak points are, he went down really fast.

4. The Artorias Fan club, Abyss Watchers

DARK SOULS III_20160325202553
This guys name is Farron by the way. His fighting style is a lot inspired by Knight Artorias from Dark Souls 1.
  • Weapon used: Refined Uchigatana +3, Knight Shield
  • Deaths: I stopped counting at 30
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword + 5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

The first boss I had a lot of trouble with. The Abyss Watchers fight begins fast paced, with a single enemy running at you. He can be staggered by normal attacks so it feels a lot like a PvP match and taking him down alone should pose no problem…. If he actually were alone. After a certain amount of time a second one joins in to the party and at this point, my only advise is: RUN. Be as defensive as possible when you fight both of them, you shouldn’t waste any Estus Flask in this Phase.Aa third Abyss Watcher will join in and when I first encountered this guy my mind went crazy thinking “ANOTHER ONE!?”, but then I noticed that he actually started attacking his allies. The boss itself makes the fight easier and more than that, the fact that this third one attacks his allies combined with the wonderful soundtrack narrates a bit of the tragic tale that the Abyss Watchers went through. It tells the story of the Legion who kept the Abyss from spreading into the world but slowly got corrupted by it. When you enter the bossroom for the first time you’ll hear the fighting which is going on behind the door, the Abyss Watchers fighting against each other to keep the Abyss in its place.

When you deplete the health of the boss you’ll most likely sigh in relief but then a cutscene happens… and the second phase of the fight begins. It’s again an Abyss Watcher but this time he has glowing eyes and a blazing sword but most importantly, he is alone now. But guess what, his guy is really fucking hard to defeat. His attacks lack any mercy or relent and you will spent quite some time looking for an opening in his attacks. I died so often to this guy and spent around 6 hours on this boss till I finally have beaten him. And GOD did it feel good to defeat him. I jumped around in joy for good 2-3 minutes after I finished the fight. Epic Boss and The hardest challenge for me at this point.

In NG+ I died 0 times, but that doesn’t mean that I had no trouble with this boss. The first phase went smoothly since I knew what the third guy is up to. The second phase was pretty tough since I took quite some damage when I was not careful. Thankfully, a succesfull hit with this sword staggers the Abyss Watcher and I could get away before taking unnecessary damage.

5. High Lord Wolnir, The Big Giant Skeleton.

The face of fear. I’m pretty sure I  wasn’t the only one shocked by this face when it plopped up.
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +3, Silver Eagle Kite Shield
  • Deaths: 3
  • NG+ Weapon used: Fume Ultragreatsword + 5 Two-handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

“Oh, there is an item there in a giant black room. Completely alone, I’m sure nothing bad will happen when I go to that item. Haha, typical Dark Souls, as if I’ll ever fall for th- HOLY FUCKING SHIT”

This basically sums up my experience with Wolnir when I first encountered him. He scared the crap out of me. However the initial fear left pretty quickly since he is quite the easy boss. Why? Just hit the bracelets till they break, he’ll die if when you destroy them. Even if he summons his minions it’s really easy, since all you need to do is to place yourself so that one of the hands of Wolnir is between you and his minions, than you can hack away his bracelets almost completely uninterrupted and the bracelets go down rather quickly. So how did I die 3 times? The only really dangerous thing is, when he crawls up to you and you get stuck in the poison around his lower body, it will almost instantly kill you so get out of there as soon as possible! Also, sometimes his hands are in that mist of poison and you can not attack them. This is especially annoying when this is the only arm where he has bracelets left.

In NG+ my Fume UGS destroyed the bracelets of Wolnir with one hit. I don’t think I need to say anything more, do I?

6. Cowards Sage, I mean Crystal Sage

This guy uses Sorcery, in other words he’s a Coward.
  • Weapon used: Zweihander + 4, Silver Eagle Kite Shield
  • Deaths: 1
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword + 5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

I hate these kind of bosses. They try to shoot you from a ranged distance and when you get too close they run away. I’ll make it short. I ran up to him, died since I didn’t watch my health. Fuck. Second try: I ran up to him, beat the shit out the coward. Watched him disappear, then looked for him where he appears again, when he appeared again I ran up to him and beat him up. He disappears again and then appears with clones who die in one hit but do a lot of damage, Spoiler: the one with the purple spells is the real coward, ran up to him beat his cowards ass up and killed him.

Same procedure with NG+, just that I didn’t die first.

7. Deacons of the Deep, The favorite boss for Atheists

If you’re stuck on this boss, you should consider to stop playing Dark Souls….
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +4, Silver Eagle Kite Shield
  • Deaths: 0
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword + 1 One-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 2

Do you hate religion? Then this bossfight will be perfect for you since you kill a ton of Deacons in this fight. This bossfight isn’t hard. you’ll encounter a fuckton of enemies, but you only have to kill the red glowing one to damage the boss. The first phase is really damn easy since all you need to do is killing the red glowing one. You can be pretty reckless since the Beacons barely do any damage to you and are everything else than dangerous to you. Second phase is also a piece of cake. The true boss will appear and he’ll be surrounded by his allies, just look for a blindspot, take one or two hits, and then back out immediately because the fat deacons will all jump at you. But here is ONE single difficulty. After a while your curse meter will go up without stop so you’re in a bit of time pressure. You can stop this when you kill certain priests but I prefer to just beat up the boss as quickly as possible.

How the fuck did I die two times in NG+? The Fume Ultragreatsword, when two-handed, has no sweeping attack unlike most other Ultragreatswords, in other words you only attack in one particular direction and don’t cover the area around your front. This changes however, when one-handed for the Fume UGS. I could now hit 5-6 enemies with one hit which made the fight even easier. Also in NG+ I first encountered the rising Curse at the bottom of the screen after a while, and died since I didn’t know how to stop it…

8. Pontiff Sulyvahn, Ready to get Destroyed?

  • Weapon used: Zweihander +6, Dragon Crest Shield
  • Deaths: 20 at least
  • NG+ Weapon : Fume Ultragreatsword + 5, Dragon Crest Shield
  • Deahts: 13

This boss is a bitch. The first phase is so incredibly hard when you suck at parrying and I do suck at parrying in Dark Souls 3. His attacks are relentless and his combos go on for what feels like hours. You can be lucky if he actually stops attacking for more than 2 seconds and can get a hit in, but even then especially with a slow Ultragreatsword he beats you up almost immediately afterwards. So thank god I actually landed some parries on him since this is the easiest way (but still hard as fuck) to get him down. But no, you can’t lay back then, at 50% health he goes into his second phase, and gains a clone which also attacks you. FUCK THIS SHIT, RIGHT? Thankfully his attacks are way less aggressive in this phase and since the clone attacks you always with the same attack that the real boss will follow up with, so it is possible to get some hits in without risking too much. But god, I was so happy when I beat this boss. This was the hardest challenge so far in Dark Souls 3 for me then, harder than the Abyss Watchers.

In NG+ I first tried to kill this Boss with the Fume Ultragreatsword Two-Handed, in other words I had no thing to parry with. And I got destroyed, I died 9 times with doing barely any damage so I decided to switch to a Shield which can Parry. And even then I died 4 more times till I could finally actually enter the second phase. This was easy then, since my Fume UGS dishes out so much damage that in the moment he finished calling his clone, he had only 10% of health left.

9. Aldrich,Giant Worm thing and Devourer of Gods

Dark Souls Veterans know this face and this weapon well.
  • Weapons used: Zweihander + 6, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 8
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword + 5 Two-handed
  • Deaths: 1

Aldrich is a boss that can be such a bitch. When you encounter him first, he’ll shoot these purple magic balls at you which can be rather easily evaded. However, he can also shoot a giant blast of magic at you which does a ton of damage. His most dangerous attack however are his moonlight arrows. In his first phase, these arrows will only land in front of Aldrich and will tear you apart if you stand in the middle of the arrow barrage. In his second phase where he leaves a firetrail behind his movements, the arrows chase you for a really long fucking time. I hope you have good stamina, because running away from these arrows is something you’ll need to do here. And the best thing is, he will attack you while you run away from these arrows and now guess what I died to the most. Other than that, the boss is actually rather easy. When you’re close to him he’ll always perform melee attacks which do quite some damage but are so easily avoidable. A real dangerous attack is when he slams his weapon onto the ground and disappears, the slam will cause AoE Damage and can deplete your health to quite an extent. My advise is: Stick close to him, when he reappears directly run to him to avoid him doing a magic attack.

In NG+ it was pretty much the same matter. My Fume UGS hits hard an does a lot of damage to him. I died once in the second phase when I run away form these stupid arrows and he threw one more magic attack against me then expected and I had no time to heal after I already got hit by the first one.

10. Yhorm the Giant (dissappointment)

Teased as one of the greatest bosses in the game… prepare for a fight that is almost easier than the tutorial boss.
  • Weapons used: Stormbringer, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 1
  • NG+ Weapon: Stormbringer Two-Handed
  • Deaths: 0

This boss is an utter disappointment. When you go in with your normal weapon you’ll do barely any damage and ask yourself if you’re supposed to whittle down the health of the boss like that (some people actually did that and succeeded). Then you may notice the item next to his throne. It’s the Stormbringer and suddenly this fight is the easiest in the game. However, the thing is, you need to learn how to use the Stormbringer first in order to dish out the damage and that makes the fight a bit tricky. You need to charge the weapon using its weapon art and then fire it at Yhorm. Once your sword is charged you can evade Yhorms attacks before you fire, the weapon will remain charged. When you fire the weapon it will deplete all your Stamina at once so you don’t spam the attack, however you can charge the sword again right afterwards, just be careful since the stamina recovers only slowly when you charge the weapon.

In NG+… yeah… no need to say anything. I have some plans though, in NG++ I will try to defeat the boss without using the Stormbringer, let’s see how that will go.

And that concludes the first part of this Boss Post. Next time we’ll meet an old friend again, encounter the hardest boss of the game and finish off the final Boss of Dark Souls.

See ya, Bye Bye then~



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