Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Trilogy – Expectations, Hopes, Worries

Finally a Fate post here on my blog. I consider myself a huge fan of the Nasuverse, which includes the Fate Franchise as well as Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai. I adored ufotables adaptation of Kara no Kyoukai as well as Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, making them my favourite animation studio (and no, I don’t think KyoAni shows look better, and I will never change that opinion unless KyoAni brings out something absolutely mindblowing which it never did for me).

For 2017 ufotable finally announced that the anime adaptation of the Heaven’s Feel is going to be a trilogy with the first movie coming out in 2017. The reveal of Heaven’s Feel being a trilogy is one of the biggest reliefs for me I could have hoped for. Adapting a route from the Fate/Stay Night which is around 12-15 hours long into a 2 hour-long movie? Studio DEEN tried this in 2010 with the Unlimited Blade Works movie. No, just no.

However, a trilogy of let’s say 3 2-hour-long movies is still only 6 hours long and this is still a rather big worry of mine. The UBW anime had a 1 hour long prologue, 24 episodes, from which 2 were 1 hour long, we have a total screentime (If I count 1 normal  episode as 20 minutes long) of 9 hours and 20 minutes. These are more than 3 hours more than the trilogy of Heaven’s feel if the movies are 2 hours long. So the big worry is about how much important stuff will not be included. Furthermore, will ufotable try to include some new stuff again like in Unlimited Blade Works? Chances are there, since in this route we get more focus on especially Rider, Sakura and Illya.

Dark Girls 3 – Prepare for best girls

The route itself is in my opinion the best route of Fate/Stay Night and goes in a completely different direction than the other two routes in the Visual Novel. If you played the Visual Novel you’ll know what I mean but I want to try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. The problem with Fate/Stay Night adaptations is the enforced playing order, you have to play the Fate route first, then Unlimited Blade Works, then Heaven’s Feel. The reason for this is that the routes refer to each other in a way that would make UBW and HF not understandable at certain points if they were a stand-alone story. For example, some facts in HF make no sense without knowledge from UBW and on the other way around, there are moments in the Fate-Route which seem odd but are further explained in UBW and so on. Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel do not work so well as a standalone story, it is the whole of Fate/Stay Night, all of the 3 routes together which defines and embraces the great story. That’s why I hope and expect Heaven’s Feel to not try to be a stand-alone. It would be very welcome for me, if you were not be able to understand some parts without watching UBW first.

A thing that is also troublesome in the adaptation of Fate/Stay Night and similar Visual Novels is that bad ends are usually left out and this is sad since the bad ends also adds to the experience of this Visual Novel.  This especially applies to Heaven’s Feel, we have the most badass ending of the Visual Novel, “Sparks Liner High” with my favourite moment of the Protagonist Shirou Emiya and we have the most brutal harem ending I have ever seen, “Femme Fatale”. A very secret hope of mine that will never be fullfilled is that Sparks Liner High will get its own OVA. It’s just badass and features a Soundtrack, which you will never hear the rest of the Visual Novel. Even the Taiga Dojo after said end (a Dojo that teaches you in a usually comedic manner why you reached the bad end you just encountered) payed huge respect to Emiya Shirou and well… I just hope it happens.

The Great Chant for a weapon that seemed like a very weak one in all the other routes will reveal its true purpose in Sparks Liner High… though, which one is it?

A hope and expectation of mine lies within the animation studio called ufotable. In both UBW and Fate/Zero as well as Kara no Kyoukai we see such great action. Well choreographed, well animated. The great highlights of ufotable animation lie within the lighting and effects animation. HOWEVER, in UBW we encountered a little production mess, since God Eater was also in production and ufotable had to deal with several problems thanks to that.Tthis lead to a decrease of animation quality towards the end of UBW but the finale still looked great. We already got a glimpse of how Heaven’s Feel could be animated in the Opening for the Realta Nua version of Fate/Stay Night:

A thing I really hope for is that Nozomu Abe, who animated one of my favourite scenes in Anime, the Gae Bolg vs Rho Aius scene from the Fate/Stay Night UBW anime series, even surpasses his work in that scene and pushes out another badass piece in the Heaven’s Feel movie. Abe is a freelancer animator, meaning that he usually works with a lot of different studios. Despite that, he can be quite often seen as key animator for shows by ufotable where he can live out his fetish for FX and debris and I dare to say that studio ufotable is a perfect workplace for him thanks to that. In other words, I really hope he also animates some scenes in the Heaven’s Feel Trilogy, it would be really fucking great.

And this is basically it. I could go into a ton of details about how I want to see certain scenes animated and other details about characters and plot devices and bla bla bla but I want to make this a spoilerfree post so I will not go into that. If you’re also a fan of or at least interested in Fate/Stay Night, I would be glad if I could see what you expect or hope for the upcoming Heaven’s Feel movies. I look forward to the replies^^

I can not spoil what’s up with these girls, but I can tell you, that Darkness certainly can corrupt man… and these two certainly corrupted me 😉

See ya, Bye Bye then~


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