Devil May Cry 4: Gods Must Die – A Protocol of Pain

Devil May Cry 4 is a very difficult game on its highest difficulty setting “Dante Must Die”. DmC: Devil May Cry, the “reboot” from 2013 also had “Dante Must Die”… compared to DMC4 it was rather easy. So the developers decided to bring out the “Definitive Edition” of DmC: Devil May Cry which comes with a new difficulty setting called “Gods Must Die” in which the enemies are stronger than in Dante Must Die and it removes the ability to use items as well as every possibility to heal yourself. Some modders probably looked at this and thought: “DMC4 needs God Must Die as well”. Continue reading


Macross Delta Episode 6 – Galactic concert! (and Fanarts)

You might have noticed that I skipped episode 5, I barely had any time and it’s absolutely not because of Dark Souls. Nope, absolutely not, I’m also definitely not working on another Dark Souls post right now, nono, don’t you dare to think that, since this is 100% not the case.

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Nukige – The worst excuses for sex you’ll ever find

Nukige are a special kind of Eroges or Visual Novels. They basically are pure fapmaterial and just the slightest bit of story is just an excuse for the sexscene that follows. As I have played quite some Ero-Games I will now present you: A collection of the weirdest, strangest and most questionable ways, how and why to have sex in Eroge. Enjoy.

Oh before we begin, this post will have no NSFW images, to keep your internet history clean (as if it was clean in the first place *cough cough*)

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Dark Souls 3 PvP – How to be an honorable Duelist

PvP. A place where the worst of the worst and the best of the best can be found. Assholes and Heroes can be found here as well as Trolls and Pros. However, thanks to Dark Souls being such an “open” game, different people expect different things from PvP and want to play it in their own way. Roughly, there are 2 kinds of PvP, Duels and Invasions. I like to play both kinds but I personally enjoy Duels more, since I am someone who loves fair 1vs1 fights. However, there are indeed some things you should consider when dueling, so here is a little Guide on how to fight “Honorable Duels”. Continue reading