Dark Souls 3 – My experience with the Bosses (Part 2)

This is the Continuation of how I experienced the Bosses of Dark Souls 3. 9 Bosses remain in the total of 19 Bosses of Dark Souls 3. You can read Part 1 of my boss experience here.

11. Old Demon King, The remains of Lost Izalith(?)

Looks like a fiery grumpy guy….

I actually forgot this boss in my first part, along with another one (I hate my brain). I defeated this boss directly after Wolnir.

  • Weapon used: Zweihander +4, Silver Eagle Kite Shield
  • Deaths: 8
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultragreatsword (it’s the same weapon as for every NG+ boss….), +5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

This boss requires quite some Patience, his attacks are mostly rather slow and easy to avoid but you’ll get punished if you’re greedy. The problem is, if you block a lot, you will hate this boss. A lot of his attacks drain a ton of stamina when blocked or you can’t block these attacks in the first place. However, once you get the timings to evade down, he’s becoming rather easy. At 50% health, he gains some new attacks, from which only one is really threatening. When he slams his hammer several times on the ground it causes an AoE attack which slowly spreads around him. I tried to roll through that but that asshole decided to spit fire at this very moment and killed me. Another attack is where he summons some kind of meteors and throws them down to you, which sounds more threatening than it actually is. In the time he summons these things you can dish out a lot of damage to him and when he shoots them at you, just run away since they are barely faster than you. The rest of the fight I baited out the same combo out of him. A sweep attack followed by his hammer getting rammed on to the ground for an AoE attack, which leaves his tail open. And after quite the time and only 5% health left, he fell to the ground with the the flames inside him fading out… and then he (kinda) explodes in flames again and one-shots me who was right next to him. Yeah, the boss is a huge asshole at the end and baits you to finish you off right before he himself is finished…

In NG+ my Fume UGS dished out so much damage, that he didn’t even have to chance to destroy me with his final desperate way to stop me.

12. Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

The boss that you were able to fight in Preview Gameplays has notched up quite a lot in terms of difficulty.

The other boss I forgot. I defeated this boss before Yhorm the Giant and after Aldrich.

  • Weapon used: Zweihander + 6, Shield of Want.
  • Deaths: Way too many, 50 at least
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Fun times +5, Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

You most likely noticed the huge death count here. Well, there is a reason for that: You can initiate the Boss already when you’re on the High Wall of Lothric for the first time. If you kill the woman at the church, you’ll get an item that you’re supposed to place at a statue in the same church. However, when approaching this statue, you’re interrupted by the Dancer. And let me tell you this, this boss is too much for you to handle if you initiate it that early. And if you’re a bit insane and try to defeat this one with Soullevel 20-30…. good luck. I tried to defeat her with a very low Soullevel so many times (over 50) and got almost instakilled every time.But through that struggle I still defeated her earlier than she was supposed to be defeated. If you play this game without killing the church woman, the Dancer appears after you defeated 3 Lords of Cinder and get teleported into the church.

This boss is the ultimate test of patience. Her first phase is rather easy once you get the timings down and here lies the biggest problem: you need to get the timings down. When the Dancer attacks, she moves in very strange ways. You need to evade when the attack comes and not when she begins her attack, since the time between the very first move of an attack motion and the time the attack connects can be very variable in this bossfight. Also, don’t get stuck in her grab attack, this is an almost guaranteed death. But if you’re patient enough and don’t risk too much when getting a hit or two in, you will be fine. Then at 50% health she brings out a second sword and the REAL test of patience begins. Suddenly her attacks are getting an unpredictable nature since she can expand her combos with her second sword. Furthermore she gains a combo where she spins around the room, tracking you down for a really long time. Getting caught in this room is certain death, blocking doesn’t even work here since your Stamine is going to get depleted. My advice for that really long spin attack: Go behind one of the pillars when this attack commences, the dancer can not “dance” around these pillars when it stands directly between you 2. When the attack stops, run it, get one or two hits in and then RUN AWAY AGAIN. This is basically how I dealed with this boss most of the time. I was incredibly cautious and only took 1 hit when I saw an opportunity. This boss will obliterate you if you attack with too much greed and impatience so don’t think that it will be an easy win just because of the first phase.

In NG+ I died 0 times but I was about as cautious as in my first playthrough. The first phase was down in no time. The Second Phase was still really fucking dangerous and I almost died several times. But thanks to a really good weapon that dishes out a huge amount of damage, even the Dancer went down pretty quick.

13. Oceiros, the Consumed King

Not Seath the Scaleless
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +8, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 8
  • NG+ Weapon: A really good weapon + 5, Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

Oceiros was the most disturbing boss in the game in my opinion. We have an ugly mix between a Scalelesss Dragon and a Man who monologues throughout the fight, crying about his baby “Ocelotte”. While most people would now make Metal Gear jokes and scream “SNAKE” back, I wondered what’s up with Ocelotte. Since we don’t seem to encounter this person here we may see him/her in the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC? Furthermore Oceiros sometimes mixes in babyscreams when we fight him, which makes this fight even more abnormal than it already is. I’m really interested in what happened to Oceiros and also what’s up with Ocelotte, I hope for a lot of Lore Interpretations in the future.

Oceiros himself is a bossfight most people didn’t really have a problem with. But I had a problem with this fight because kinda didn’t bother to try to get behind him to dish out damage and jumped around his face instead. This led to way more deaths than necessary, at this point I’m pretty sure I could have beaten him in the first try. But when you, unlike me,try to stick to his rear, this boss fight is actually hella easy. His most dangerous attack when you’re behind him is the tailswipe attack which can be followed up a groundpound move, which can be rather easily predicted and avoided. This goes for both phases.

NG+…. I have nothing to say. Easy fight, Easy win.

14. Champion Gundyr, Hello again Tutorial Boss

“You think I’m the “Tutorial boss”? Hahahaha….”
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +9, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 10
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultradildo + 5, Two Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 2

“Wow, if they would have trimmed Gundyr to be a late-game boss, this fight would most likely destroy me” I wondered how many people thought that when defeating Iudex Gundyr. Also I wonder what these people thought when they saw Champion Gundyr and then got absolutely destroyed by him. This boss is not even in the slightest as easy as the tutorial boss. It has more moves and the existing moves are timed differently so you’ll have adapt your timings to evade, furthermore he is so damn aggressive when he is in his second phase, he attacks faster, harder and without relent. You definetely WILL evade when you want to beat this boss and you will do that a lot as he barely has any recovery time after his attacks. When you are behind him and hit him, immediately get away or he will kick your face in. When in front, he might stomp your face in, or unleash one of his Doom-Combos at you. It is probably the most fast-paced fight in this game and thanks to that and the fact, that this is basically the tutorial boss, just more ass-kicking, makes him one of my favorite bosses in the game.

In NG+ the boss has not become a piece of cake. It took me less time to read his attacks since I already have experience but I still had quite some problems. In my first playthrough I used my shield to guarantee my survival in case of an unexpected attack, the shield wasn’t available anymore (because I wanted to challenge myself a bit) and now I had to rely on evading only. The Fume UGS can block as well but it’s really dangerous since it doesn’t fully absorb the damage you take and also has a rather low stability stat so your stamina will be drained to quite an amount when blocking. But still, using the very small windows between his attacks, I was able to slay Champion Gundyr in NG+ after 3 tries!

15. Ancient Wyvern which dies in 1 hit

maxresdefault (2).jpg
Knowing how many Dragon-bossfights (except for 2) sucked in the Dark Souls series… I have the feeling dragons are cursed.
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +9, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 7
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultra One-hitter, + 5 Two-handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

WORST BOSS IN THE GAME. This boss flies at you and attacks you. I first thought I had to 1 vs 1 him. I barely did any damage to him and then I noticed what the real fight is. The area behind the boss was open. I am supposed to run up there through all the enemies with the boss blasting my ass on fire, get above him and do a plunging attack that one-hits the boss. However, the way up there is incredibly annoying since the Minions do quite some damage and the fire of the Wyvern is really spitting some fire  in some places. But there is one thing, that tops all of that. When you are above the Ancient Wyvern, then plunge attack… there is the possibility that you miss and you fall to your death. This happened to me TWICE. It pissed me off so incredibly much that I just rushed in next time, trying to get into position again and ignoring all the minions, a bad idea, I died 3-4 more times till I coud finally end this piece of shit fight.

Why do I dislike this fight so much? I really hate it when I encounter a boss that I’m supposed to not fight directly. This boss barely takes any damage unless it’s from a plunging attack on its head, also his attacks are barely avoidable. When he stomps on to the ground with one leg for example, you’re getting hit even if you’re at his other leg at this moment. This basically forces you to run around the area and plunge attack him. Thanks to that the minions pose a greater threat than the boss himself but in a bossfight I do not want to fight the minions, I WANT TO FIGHT THE BOSS.

The way difficulty is handled here is also much to my dislike. If you want to make a boss hard, make the boss itself hard and don’t add some annoying minions to gank you. It what makes so many fights in Dark Souls 2 so unbearable and annoying. And the same series also shows how to do such Gank-Bosses right: Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls 1 were the perfect duo. One small and fast, the other big and slow, this fight felt nothing like you were ganked to death and more like a fair but insanely hard challenge.

No comment to NG+.

It seems like all kind of badassness and epicness which could have been in this fight were drained by the next boss…

16. King of the Storm/Nameless King

The best boss of the game and his fallen friend
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +10, Black Iron Greatshield +9
  • Deaths: 18
  • NG+ Weapon used: Fume Ultra-Dragonslayer and Ultra-Kingslayer Ultragreatsword of Ultra-Doom and Ultra-Death +5, Two-Handed
  • Deaths: 2

The Nameless King is getting introduced in the best way you could imagine. When you ring the Giant Belfry at Archdragon Peak, the Area changes and a storm starts to ravage the area. Now you can also enter the Nameless King bossfight. When you enter the room the King comes in riding on his Dragon, King of the Storm and begins the fight. You fight the strikes of the Nameless King himself on the dragon, Lightning strikes and the Fire of the Dragon while trying to hit the head of the Dragon. That’s the weakspot of the dragon and when you do enough damage in a certain amount of time, the dragon will stagger and you will be able to riposte him. In most cases, he should be down to 50% health at this point and the Riposte will take most of his health pretty much ending the fight.

But does that mean it’s over? Not at all. A Cutscene follows, where the King absorbs the Power of his dragon. A very cool cutscene, since the power he absorbs is so immensely big that your character barely can withstand it when he is taking said power in. Also it shows how much of a friend the Dragon was to the King. If you look closely, right before he absorbs the power of the Dragon, you see that his Hand is shaking.

And then the really hard part of the fight begins. He will attack you from a ranged distance at the beginning before you close in. And when you get hit by this attack and think this is much damage… boy you’re in trouble. He telegraphs most of his attack so you have a chance to evade but the problem is the timing. He fights at his very own pace and his combos always change this pace, so that you have a hard time rolling at the right time. And when he hits, he hits hard. It drains so much health, that you should try to heal when you get hit by him, since the next hit could mean your death. Not only that, but also the fact that even a greatshield with stupidly high stability can not withstand his onslaught for long makes this boss arguably the hardest boss of Dark Souls 3. If you block only… this will not work at this boss. At 50% health the Nameless King gains 2 really powerful attacks, one where he slams his weapon on to the ground with an attached Lightning AoE and one where he charges his spear and fires a lightning bolt at you. Both attacks are a real pain if you don’t know how to evade them. The Lightning AoE can be avoided by rolling in time, but also take care of the Lightning discharge happening at the same spot since the King may attack you during this. The Lightning bolt is avoidable by looking at the King and when he unleashes his attack. Roll half a second after you see the Lightning Bolt from the King and you should be able to avoid taking huge damage.

However, to master this it takes a fuckton of time, practice and patience, but when you get these things down, you should be able to beat the hardest boss of Dark Souls 3 (till the DLC comes out and you get raped by even stronger bosses).

In NG+ the experience remains the same, just without shield. And the boss hits harder, has more health, drains more stamina when blocked…. Yeah, it certainly is an experience. But I would love to fight the Nameless King ever and ever again. He is in my opinion the by far best boss of the game.

17. Dragonslayer Armor, not Ornstein.

maxresdefault (3).jpg
And another Dragonslayer but other than in Dark Souls 2, he isn’t stupidly disappointing
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +10, Shield of Want.
  • Deaths: 2
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultra Anti-Dragonslayer +5 Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths:3

From a Dragonriding King to a Dragonslayer whose shield is more threatening than the actual weapon.

Remember Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2? This was basically Ornstein in Dark Souls 1 without Smough and boring as hell. In Dark Souls 3 we have yet another Dragonslayer, but this one is way different. Instead of a Spear we find a Stone Armor Knight with Greataxe and Greatshield and damn, this guy hits hard. A very fun and fast-paced fight with one big interference on my PC… The framerate in this fight SUCKS ASS. This fight was the 10 FPS bossfight I talked about in my Dark Souls 3 – Rondo of Praise and Curse  post. And this is a such a pain to play with. There are moments where I had no idea what was going what’s happening on the screen and evaded attacks by luck (only 2 deaths in my first playthrough). Aside the technical problems, the fight wasn’t too much of a challenge to me. The shield poses a way bigger threat than the axe, since the Shield bashes are way quicker then the axe swings and every time he finishes a combo he is large open for some hits to take. Also a problem is, that you can fall down the bridge you’re fighting on, so look out for that, it’s literally what caused all of my deaths, NG+ included .

At 50% health, the flying things at the side of each bridge will start firing at you. Listen closely since they largely telegraph their attacks. However, since you are evading most of the attacks of the Dragonslayer Armor anyway, the chance that you get hit by these attacks is rather low. These attacks can do massive damage and catch you completely off guard, so don’t rely on your luck here and just roll away when you hear them initiating their attacks.

I basically said everything above what could be said about the Boss in NG+ but it’s worth noting that I died to this boss in NG+ more than in my first playthrough, the only boss next to the Deacons of the Deep.

18. Lorian and Lothric: Onii-chan the Boss

Lothric, don’t be surprised if people start calling you “Imouto” even though you are a guy
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +10, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 7
  • NG+ Weapon: Fume Ultra Please-No-Rule34-Fanart-Of-These-Two +5, Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 1

Lorian and Lothric are my 3rd favourite boss in Dark souls 3. The fight begins with Lorian teleporting towards you, attacking you and most likely hitting you. The fight consists usually of Lorian usually swinging his swords at you and teleporting midcombo, which seems fucking unfair at first. But after a short while, you should notice, that his animations continue throughout the teleport, in other words, when he begins an attack, then teleports, he will finish said attack when he finished teleporting. With that knowledge, you should be able to avoid most attacks by the boss, though keep in mind that his attacks are a bit delayed when he teleports. It was quite tough for me, he hits fast but not nearly as hard as the Nameless King, so I thought I was in for an easy win…. Tip for Dark Souls newcomers: Never expect an easy win.

OF COURSE when the health is depleted, the little brother comes to revive the big brother and you have to fight Lorian now with Lothric on his back. This second phase is evil, since you suddenly start to get way more hectic over mostly the same attacks. The problem is, the boss gains only 2 new attacks: A rain of magic balls and a Soul Arrow from Lothric on Lorians back. These attacks seem way more dangerous than they really are. When the rain of balls is upon you, Lorian will immediately teleport towards you and start the offensive while you’re still evading Lothrics magic. But that’s easy to avoid, just dodge Lorian’s first attack and walk away from him, the magic is not very likely to hit you as well then. To end this boss, you need to kill Lothric who is on Lorian’s back, so try to get as many hits as possible in at his back. However, if Lorian dies first you’ll get some time to bash Lothrics head in just prepare for the upcoming AoE when he revives his Onii-chan.

A thing to note about the fight is the amazing Soundtrack of this fight. It has a very tragic tone to it and should tell you that something not so good happened to these princes.

It’s a bit early for me to make an opinion on the Lore of this boss but this should be pretty interesting, not to mention that Lothric is a rather important character in the Game knowing that he was “The Last Hope of his line” which can be read on the back of his Throne in Firelink Shrine.

In NG+ there isn’t anything worth mentioning. However, there is one attack that is extremely dangerous and killed me once. When he teleports away and charges up a magic attack, this can instantly kill you, so when he teleports and you can’t find him, FIND HIM and dodge or block the incoming attack!

19. Soul of Cinder, the End of Dark Souls

Oh look, it’s the Cover Art!
  • Weapon used: Zweihander +10, Shield of Want
  • Deaths: 6
  • NG+ Weapon: Ultra Running-Out-Of-Jokes-For-This-Ultragreatsword +5, Two-Handed
  • NG+ Deaths: 0

The last boss of Dark Souls comes with quite the nostalgia. When you enter the bossroom you have all these swords around you, standing for all the fights that have been fought for the right of being a Lord of Cinder. And then there is the Soul of Cinder, a bossfight which resembles a PvP battle a lot, which is completely on purpose. You fight the protagonist of both DS1 and 2 and every Lord of Cinder up until this point in this fight. The boss uses attacks that you usually see from other players, with the difference of size and that you can’t stagger him with every attack. Furthermore he can change his weapon from a straight sword, to a scimitarlike weapon, to a lance and to a sorcerer staff (ugh). Also he can cast Pyromancy. His attacks don’t deal too much damage however, but it’s the size of his healthbar that makes the fight more of an endurance test and a challenge. Oh btw, he can heal himself which makes this even worse.

When you deplete his health (I had no Estus Flask left on my first try at this point) then prepare for a surprise as he FULLY RECOVERS HIS HEALTH and becomes Gwyn from Dark Souls 1… and without the ability to be parried. This came not only as quite the surprise but also the soundtrack switches to a theme that sounds a lot like Gwyn’s theme from Dark Souls 1. It strengthens the feeling of the finale and almost made me sad… if that second phase would not beat the shit out of me. Relentless attacks of fire and a devastating 5 hit combo is making this fight an enormous challenge and really worthy of being called the final Boss.

At the 7th try, the final Lord of Cinder falls with the same animation as Gwyn in Dark Souls 1 and with that you’re open to end the journey. This boss really gave a feel that the final boss from Dark Souls 3 is also the final boss of the Dark Souls series. The soundtrack, the environment and the bossfight himself add to that “final” feeling and well… it’s kinda sad to see Dark Souls end. But they did put up a really worthy final part of the trilogy and a worthy final boss of Dark Souls 3. Praise the Darkness.

In NG+ my Fume UGS did good damage but the boss was still quite hard. I managed to defeat him in 1 try but I got way too greedy in his second phase and got caught in attacks that I could have easily avoided. I had no Estus Flask left when he fell and well… I kinda sucked there.


And with this, all 19 bosses of the Dark Souls 3 main game have been covered. I surely didn’t pick up on all the detail on the bosses, I mainly wrote about what really sticked out to me in both mechanics and design. To end this post, my opinions on…

  • Easiest Boss: Deacons of the Deep (2nd: Crystal Sage, 3rd: Ancient Wyvern)
  • Hardest Boss: Nameless King (2nd: Pontiff Sulyvahn, 3rd: Champion Gundyr)
  • Worst Boss: Ancient Wyvern (2nd: Crystal Sage, 3rd: Deacons of the Deep)
  • Best Boss: Nameless King (2nd: Lord of Cinder, 3rd: Lorian and Lothric)
  • Best Boss theme: Lorian and Lothric (2nd: Abyss Watchers, 3rd: Pontiff Sulyvahn)
  • Best Bossarena: Nameless King (2nd: Soul of Cinder, 3rd: Abyss Watchers)
  • Died the most to: Dancer of the Boreal Valley (2nd: Abyss Watchers, 3rd: Pontiff Sulyvahn)
  • Fastest Bosskill: Crystal Sage (2nd: Deacons of the Deep, 3rd: Yhorm the Giant)
  • Best Bossdesign: Nameless King (2nd: Soul of Cynder, 3rd: Dancer of the Boreal Valley)

I hope I’ll see you on my next post as well!

See ya, Bye Bye then~





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