Dark Souls 3 PvP – How to be an honorable Duelist

PvP. A place where the worst of the worst and the best of the best can be found. Assholes and Heroes can be found here as well as Trolls and Pros. However, thanks to Dark Souls being such an “open” game, different people expect different things from PvP and want to play it in their own way. Roughly, there are 2 kinds of PvP, Duels and Invasions. I like to play both kinds but I personally enjoy Duels more, since I am someone who loves fair 1vs1 fights. However, there are indeed some things you should consider when dueling, so here is a little Guide on how to fight “Honorable Duels”. I will also write a guide on Invasions and how to be a huge asshole in these since this is pretty much why you’re invade. To be a huge asshole. But that’s for later.

1. Find other honorable Duelists

DarkSoulsIII 2016-05-06 21-00-26-40.jpg
Want a fair fight? You’re on!

You look for a Duel? Well, grab your Red Eye Orb and STOP RIGHT THERE. If you really consider trying to find a fair Duel by Invading another world with the Red Eye Orb than prepare to be disappointed, since the chances you’ll get one is infinitely close to 0. The solution is called Red Sign Soapstone. With this you can leave a red Invasion Summon Sign, with which people can summon you to invade their world as a dark spirit. In most cases these people are alone and wait for you at one of the places on the map where it is the best to duel, I will talk about these locations later. However, this can end in a gank since some people think they need to summon invaders into their world only to gank them with their phantoms to death and think they’re the greatest…. please don’t do this….

Alternatively you can summon an invader. Just touch one of the red summons signs you’ll find in one of the duel locations and your opponent shall soon arrive. This way you’ll almost guarantee that it will be a 1 vs 1 fight. Almost… since you must be in Emberform to do this and leaves you open for not-summoned invasions which can interrupt your duel.

If you do not have a Red Sign Soapstone, you’ll find it outside of Rosaria’s Bed Chamber, the location of the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant. When you go to the right when leaving the room there is one of these worms people thing (whatever these things are) who will not attack you. Kill him and you’ll automatically get Soapstone you need. If you don’t know where Rosaria is, here is a little guide by TerraMantis

You can also change your appearance and Reallocate your stats at Rosaria’s Fingers. It is also used a place for PvP Duels sometimes, but I encounter duels there rather rarely, most likely because my Soul Level isn’t in the Meta.

You should keep the current meta in mind when dueling. That means your character should be around Soul Level 100-120 so you can find as many summon signs as possible for fair duels. However, you can get duels around that level as well, I currently have a Soul Level 138 character and get some pretty nice Duels so that works fine as well.

2. Find the Right Locations

Behind Pontiff Sulyvahn’s Bossroom you’ll find a lot of Invasion Summon Signs.

There are several popular locations in Dark Souls 3 where Duels happen a lot. I for example fought a lot at the “High Wall of Lothric” Bonfire as well as the very last bonfire on “Kiln of the First flame” right before the final boss. One of the most popular places if not the most popular is right behind the bossroom of Pontiff Sulyvahn.

You should notice a pattern here. All these are open location with a wide area and without enemies, also it’s close to a bonfire. Thanks to that, even when you die, you can recover your lost souls easily. So if you’re close to a bonfire, see a wide open area without enemies and notice a lot of red summon signs, you most likely found another PvP location. Keep in mind you have to be in emberform to see and use said summon signs.

3. Follow the Rules for Duels

The rules for fair Duels are community-made and are to ensure that a duel between 2 players will be fair, fun and worth your time.

  1. Greet your opponent. Bows and Waves should do fine. The Gesture “Legion Etiquette” should also work as well as a greet. This is to ensure that you respect each other and that you will have a fair duel.
  2. No healing. When you use Estus Flask during a fair duel (also called chugging), you will be looked down upon. and it’s understandable why, the Host has the advantage in amount of Estus Flask available so this isn’t a fair duel anymore. Also it makes the fight drag on for too long which can be really damn annoying. So deal with it when you have low health. This can actually improve your crisis management skills and makes you better at Dark Souls.
  3. No Ganks. God I hate assholes who do this… I once got summed by a guy for a “fair” duel. But this duel wasn’t fair at all. There were the host + 2 phantoms waiting to gank me, a 3 vs 1 fight. Sometimes it’s for the sake of comedy and you’ll laugh your ass off when you get rolled to death by 4 people with Armor of Thorns. Other times…  Yeah, I tend to just leave when I see that I’m about to encounter a Gank.

4. Join Fight Clubs!

ridealong_ds3_dragon (1).jpg
Hmmm… I kinda feel like I’m forgetting about a certain rule in Fight Club…hmm….

There is a chance that you’ll get summoned into a fight club. In case you’re searching for a fair duel, this is the best thing that could have happened to you.

The Fightclubs go like the following. In the Arena (borders are ocassionally marked by Prism Stones), 2 dark spirits are fighting each other while other spirits and the host himself stand on the sideline to watch. When the winner is decided (by death of course) the winner stays in the arena to face the next dark spirit, usually he recovers to full health before the next duel. Do not attack the host, since every other spirit will turn against you and kill you since they don’t want their fight club to be interrupted.


And this will be pretty much it. And now get out there and have some honorable duels (and to get eventually rekt by Bestoc and GreatWinshields) !

See Ya, Bye Bye then~


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