Macross Delta Episode 6 – Galactic concert! (and Fanarts)

You might have noticed that I skipped episode 5, I barely had any time and it’s absolutely not because of Dark Souls. Nope, absolutely not, I’m also definitely not working on another Dark Souls post right now, nono, don’t you dare to think that, since this is 100% not the case.

To be honest, the actual reason for skipping episode 5 is that I can’t really say a lot about this episode except for: “That was so fucking cute”. It was quite the build up to the upcoming battle against Windermere which I will cover here now.

Basically a very good summary of episode 5

However, the absolute highlight of this episode was Freyja dancing in a plane to her own song. It was way too adorable.

Also look at her rune and how happy she is, this is great stuff.

I will also look at some Macross Delta Fanart I found on pixiv because there quite some interesting pieces there.


Episode 6 begins with Scolding. A lot of Scolding. Messer tells Mirage and Hayate what they’re doing wrong during engagement and a critical topic for Hayate comes up. When an ally is in danger, he should not hesitate to shoot and eventually kill the enemy. I think you can guess that this topic will come up later again…. Mirage gets scolded for having a too predictable pattern which stands quite opposing towards Hayate’s rather unusual way of flying. It is to note how Mirage is taking this critique quite seriously as she bites her lip at the end of the scene.

Mikumo also shows quite a harsh side of her towards Freyja. While this makes some people kinda dislike Mikumo I’m fine with that. I like women of her kind and also I think Mikumo is still sexy as hell and well, I usually do not dislike such women.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-20-17-85.jpg
Best Girl, Still. Always. 

Even though she is pretty harsh there is no real hostility against Freyja. She does approve of Freyja which could be seen very well in episode 5 and how she reacts to Freyja’s song. Also the way she says this sentence is odd. Mikumo says it’s “strange” that Freyja’s voice does not feel like the voice of Prince Heinz of Windermere but her face expression kinda says “This was to be expected”. I still don’t think there was any hostility here, but maybe Mikumo actually meant that Heinz literally puts life energy into his singing voice which would explain why he breaks down in a later scene when he sings. I’m pretty sure Mikumo knows more than she admits at this point.


After this, Some of the crew of the Delta Platoon and Walkure meet in their restaurant and talk about what happened. It seems that both Hayate and Freyja kinda dislike their bosses (Messer and Mikumo)  but still look up to them as a role model. I’ll skip the summary of this scene and just say: Hayate and Freyja are kinda the same and it’s adorable.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-23-49-73
Isn’t it cute?

Arad and Kaname meet each other and decide to do something together with Messer rejecting the invitation.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-25-09-36.jpg
Jellycatfish… well we already had Mercats so this should be no surprise… also the Creators really like to put cats into everything it seems.

We switch to Windermere where we can see the Prince collapsing as he sings to spread the Var again in the galaxy to create an advantage for the Windermereans in the war they started. I stated earlier the theory that the Prince puts actual life-energy into his singing voice. Talking about this, there is a contradiction or more accurately, two different views of his voice coming from WALKURE. Makina and Reina described his voice as tingling and painful in episode 5 while Mikumo described it as a voice in which you can feel life shining out in episode 6. This could actually mean the same as when he could be pained by putting his life into his voice, but we’ll have to see about this.

Big Brother Keith reminds The Prince that his voice is needed for the war to continue. The Prince makes clear that he isn’t really fond on doing that by declaring the condition that the war has to end as fast as possible.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-26-56-47.jpg
This is a guy… just a reminder.

A var outbreak on the planet Ionideth followed by invading Windermerean forces takes us to the next stage and a really cool action scene. The Delta Platoon decides to fight the Var Outbreak with a Walkure Concert in space and disarm the infected allies who got caught the infection.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-28-31-63.jpg
I know war is bad and such but if it makes me fight through a asteroid field where Mikumo is projected on every one of these space rocks… Hell yeah

As they fight the Var, the Areal Knights join the fight against the Delta Platoon. The fight scenes are so incredibly cool again since there is a lot of fast paced combat which synchs up almost perfectly with the music from Walkure themselves. Keith and Messer meet each other again and fight each other, with Hayate trying to keep up. However, he gets interrupted by Theo and Xao who try to shoot him down without success.

As the concert nears the end, Borque as well as Theo and Xao directly attack the Walkure Ship. Hayate, seeing that his (not yet) girlfriend Freyja is in danger rushes to help her,while Mirage falls behind.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-34-13-61.jpg
As the missiles approach Mikumo goes to the front does a rather defensive stance in front of the other Walkure members. Another reason why I do not think that Mikumo is hostile towards Freyja.

The missiles hit the ship, the concert is interrupted and Borque tries to confront Freyja about her being a traitor to the Windermereans. These words really hit her as she is not only seems shocked, her Rune changes colours to a slight purple. Before this can continue however, Hayate interrupts Borque and chases him away only to see that Mirage has been cornered.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-36-10-39.jpg
Leutnant Uroh is his name. No need to remember it though….

This guy… as soon as I saw him I knew what was going to happen to him. However, he ended up being way more than that. After They cornered Mirage, Hermann gives the guy the opportunity to shoot him, as he still needs a succesfull kill, but Hayate cuts in.. As he sees Mirage being in huge danger, he has no other choice to shoot Mirages enemy which ends up being his first confirmed kill.

This guy ended up developing and showing characters of 4 objects in the end:

  1. The obvious one: Hayate’s first confirmed kill which is of course quite the burden for him later on in this episode.
  2. Mirage got saved by Hayate and tells him later about how it feels for her when she has to kill.
  3. Hermann is being shown as a very helpful and kind guy, not holding back in cornering the enemy to let someone else shoot him because…
  4. …of a certain system in the military of Windermere. It seems that getting kills in that military brings you to a higher status within the military and it also seems that getting 0 kills is a disgrace to someone in said military.

The Aerial Knights retreat and the battle ends.

What comes afterwards is again scolding by Mikumo who confronts Freyja that she shouldn’t let insane words like “Traitor” get to her and again the matter of why she sings. A question that has not been answered neither by Mikumo or Freyja and I’m especially interested in the former one. Don’t worry Freyja, if you can’t statisfy her, I’ll do it for you *wink wink*.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-39-38-06.jpg
Is it wrong that I want Mikumo to touch me like this?

Mikumo once again does not feel hostile towards Freyja here for me. It seems that similar to Messer with Hayate, she wants Freyja to realize how serious her situation is. It is more a matter of protection, as we could see before that Mikumo stood in a rather protective manner in front of all WALKURE members including Freyja when the Missiles approached. Mikumo is a caring person but really strict. You must also keep in mind that Walkure currently still tries to stabilize Freyja’s voice as it isn’t perfect at the very moment.

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 18-44-54-41.jpg
Seen in episode 5: Mikumo does not dislike Freyja. It seems like in episode 6 she tries to remind Freyja that her singing won’t work if she isn’t completely herself.

The episode ends with Keith showing his little brother, the Prince of Windermere, the “scar” of the Planet. A giant blue crater, which of course sparks interest. What is that crater and why is it such a giant “scar” for the Windermereans?

mpc-hc 2016-05-10 19-00-09-27.jpg
a “brand of our shame” as Keith Aero Windermere describes…. of course, this turns up the question of what exactly this is.

The aftercredit scenes shows us that the next episode will be Behind enemy lines. An Infiltration Mission, which will be interesting.


My thoughts on Macross Delta Episode 6

Most things have been already said above. The action was really fucking cool as the song and the action just fit so well together and makes this episode worth watching for the action alone.

I think Macross does a very good job displaying Space Battles. Was already the case in Frontier, in Delta they even improved on it.

The guy who ended up dying as a plotdevice for Hayate to get his first kill is not something people will like a lot. He basically gets introduced only to get killed, but how would you have solved this problem? The matter of Hayate killing people can not be dragged out for too long since we have a war situation, he will not come around to not kill someone during this, especially since he agreed on staying on the Delta Platoon last episode. So just take one of the already established characters? Doesn’t work since we still don’t know a lot about the Windermerean kingdom, which why Macross Delta probably decided on letting the antagonists live on for a while so we can see more of them.

A huge difference between Frontier and Delta are how the antagonists are handled. In Frontier we have the Vajra who are treated as monsters and don’t get much more characterization than that (at first) while in Delta we have actual characters who act more human than the Vajra. I like the latter approach more since from the beginning we face antagonists with character and even though we don’t know a lot of them yet, I really like the Antagonists of Macross Delta.

However, this is subject to change as the next episode will be called “Behind enemy lines” so we’ll most likely get to see more of them there.


Let’s take a look at some fanarts I found…

Before we head on, here a little warning, some images may be a bit NSFW, consider this before you scroll further. 

Mama Freyja

Source: pixiv

GOD is this one cute. Mother Freyja with a baby of the obvious OTP in Macross Delta in her hand is just incredibly lovely to look at. The longer hair makes her look more mature, but thanks to the Rune in her hair and her face expression, Freyja is still incredibly adorable!

A not so obvious shipping…

Source: pixiv

I already noticed that people really like putting Freyja and Mikumo in one pic. But well, after the latest episode where Mikumo firmly hold Freyja’s head with one finger while scolding her I could see an inner countdown on when the first pic of a possible Yurishipping of Freyja and Mikumo will arrive…. Not a ship I would dissapprove of, honestly, but Hayate and Freyja are still OTP (also, Mikumo belongs to me!)

Mikumo is perfect

Source: Pixiv

I love everything about this picture. First, it’s Mikumo, Second her leg that almost throws her skirt too high but at the same time blocks a nice view, third, IT’S MIKUMO.

Freyja as VF-31 Siegfried

Source: pixiv

Freyja cosplaying as Hayates plane feels weird. I know there is a trend present Military Vehicles as cute anime girls (in most cases with not so much clothing) so this one is no surprise but still…. it’s…. hmm…. it’s cute.


Source: pixiv

This one threw me off big time. Remember when I said that Mikumo is sexy as hell? This picture embodies that perfectly and also makes me realize that I want a beach episode at some point in Macross Delta. Jesus Christ, almost everything is perfect in this picture… hah… I love fanart…. #MikumoIsBestGirl

And I think I’ll end this post here. I may look at other fanarts in the future depending on my mood, but for now this should suffice.

See ya, Bye Bye then~

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