Devil May Cry 4: Gods Must Die – A Protocol of Pain

Devil May Cry 4 is a very difficult game on its highest difficulty setting “Dante Must Die”. DmC: Devil May Cry, the “reboot” from 2013 also had “Dante Must Die”… compared to DMC4 it was rather easy. So the developers decided to bring out the “Definitive Edition” of DmC: Devil May Cry which comes with a new difficulty setting called “Gods Must Die” in which the enemies are stronger than in Dante Must Die and it removes the ability to use items as well as every possibility to heal yourself. Some modders probably looked at this and thought: “DMC4 needs God Must Die as well”.

Compared to DmC: Devil May Cry’s DMD, the DMD of DMC4 is absolutely terrifying with enemies who are able to activate a Devil Trigger (roughly explained: A Super Mode where it is harder to stagger the enemy, they also gain more health and deal more damage) after a certain amount of time, not to mention that they already have lots of health and dish out a lot of damage.


So how could you possibly make this even harder? Well…:

  • Give the enemy more health and some enemies the ability to regenerate health
  • Make the enemy deal more damage
  • Make the enemy more aggressive
  • (Only for the Boss Dante as far as I can tell) Give the enemy new abilities
  • Give the enemy access to Devil Trigger the moment they spawn, this includes bosses

Combine that and the fact that you’re most likely not nearly as good as these people on Youtube pulling out the craziest Combos with Dante or Vergil and you’re in for a really painful trip.

The mod, which is implemented via “SpoilerAL”, basically a program to manipulate the game, also comes with various ways to enter the Bloody Palace (usually, BP is: 101 Stages, no Saves, greeen orbs and Devil Trigger are the only way you can heal) including directly meeting a boss of your choice and a Boss Rush Mode.

I died to Berial at least 20 times on God Must Die. This is the furthest I have got… I have yet to defeat him on this difficulty with Vergil.

Fighting Credo on Gods Must Die

So since Angelo Credo is my favourite boss of the game, I chose Vergil and thought “Let’s try Angelo Credo, I have experience with that guy and also I’m quite good with Vergil, it can’t be that bad, right?”




After around 20 tries I still couldn’t even take 10% of the bosses health. Frustrated as hell, I switched to Nero, as he is the arguably the easiest character from the available ones in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. I went in, thinking, I should be able to at least win with him…




Still Dying

Credo was never so incredibly challenging before. I suddenly found myself getting killed by Combos who never posed a threat before and it should be noted that I have close to no trouble with Credo on Dante Must Die.

So what made Credo so incredibly hard? The Devil Trigger not only comes with higher damage and more health, it also comes with more poise, meaning that it is very difficult to stagger Credo when he is winding up for an attack. In Dante Must Die you were able to interrupt Credo before almost every attack of his, not so in God Must Die where the attack is most likely to get through to you even IF you attack him before he can execute his combo.

First Phase – Be glad you have it that “easy” at the start

I had to care fully pick the moments in where I could place an attack. If the attack staggers Credo, follow up with a Combo or a Buster, if it doesn’t just use the Buster before he finishes the recovery animation from the attack. If there is no further possibility to attack then back away

That was my first strategy when I came in to this fight but soon I noticed that this isn’t working. Just using the openings in his attacks and not being aggressive yourself is not a good idea because you give Credo the opportunity to do what he wants. It was soon when I realized that I had to provoke his attacks.

So I started attacking even when I knew he was going to block it and look there, he became way more predictable throughout the first half of the fight. There is also the mechanic that you can grab him with a Snatch and pull him towards you, however he counters this with a Shield Bash towards you which can dish out enormous damage but is quite easy to avoid, just jump over it. If you time the jump right, you can even follow up with a Split or a Double Down (If you don’t know what these are, here is a list of Nero’s Moveset) to cause damage, follow up directly with another attack to make him block and counter you and use the opening at the end of his combo to get more hits in.

One of his most dangerous attacks is his Sword Swipe where he throws himself into the air and launches a devastating attack against you. DO NOT ROLL TO EVADE. Every time I tried to evade with rolling I got hit by the attack and so I got used to jumping to avoid his swipe. If you jump make sure to jump when the attack comes and not when he winds up said attack, also be careful when using the mid-air jump as it is the only way to evade when mid-air, only use it when necessary and aftwerwards, seek contact with the ground as soon as possible, with one exception: The combo where he finishes with the sword swipe in the air will have you most likely in the air with your Mid-Air Jump ability already used, use a Snatch or a Buster or a regular attack to keep you above Credo (if you are above Credo which should be the case after a mid-air jump, if not, just hope to reach the ground as quick as possible to avoid damage).

If you manage to break his shield (using the Buster attacks), Turn on Devil Trigger and beat the shit out of him while his shield is broken. Take care however to use a Buster BEFORE he regenerates is shield for some extra damage. In some cases, after the Buster his regenerated shield breaks down and weakens, use that to get in another buster attack to break his shield again as soon as possible. When using the Buster, turn off Devil Trigger the moment the Buster connects unless you need to refill health.

The in my opinion easiest to counter attack of his is where he throws his spear at you since you can catch it with a Buster and throw it right back at him. The only problem is the timing, which you have to get down. When you’re at the end of the arena and Credo is on the other hand, using the Buster the moment he launches his spear should do the job. Keep in mind that he can follow it up with two other Spears which he throws at you. If he is throwing his second spear the moment you hit him with the first one, you get a bit of health back.

Not only does this look pretty cool, your Style meter benefits from that as well. Doing this while having an A-Rank in Style will make it go up to SS at least. (this gif is not by me and is certainly not a played in GMD difficulty, the amount of damage Credo takes is way higher in this gif.)

It took me quite a while to get these tactics down and be almost flawless during his first phase….. yeah…. first phase….  there is also a second phase which is fucking brutal compared ro the first one.

Second Phase – Prepare to Die

It starts at around 50% health, you should notice a certain change…. ok, there is no way you will NOT notice it, cause there is close to no way that you will not get killed by this change in GMD the first time you encounter Credo. His combos change completely, are longer and he gains some additional attacks.

He gains a charge attack where he thrusts his sword at you, this attack comes incredibly fast, I would even argue that this is the fastest attack he has to offer. Sometimes he follows this up with a Slam attack which apparently leaves him open, but when you attack him, he backs away and charges at you again, be careful not to get caught off guard by this attack as every attack by him deals huge damage in this state. However, the charge attack drops his guard and when you evade successfully you can get a good hit in or a Buster attack.

Another combo of his is where he attacks you with 3 Swipe attacks in a row, sometimes followed up by a Spear throw. I do not see any opening in this combo except for the Spear which can be countered by using the Buster to throw the Spear back at him. Sometimes he only does 2 Swipe attacks and then tries to combo you with a slash that throws you in the sky followed by a slam to the ground. If you’re able to evade this, he is open and you can attack him.

However, the most evil combo of Credo in my opinion is where teleports into the Sky and summons swords to attack you. There are two types of summoned sword, one where he shoots them at you, which is easy to avoid by just running to the side, and one where he summons the sword in a circle surrounding you. These swords can attack all at once… or only 2-3 at a time, which is just evil. To make this even worse, Credo will attack you when the swords are circling you, you need to pay attention to both the swords and Credo himself at the same time. Try to keep as much distance from Credo as possible when that happens and evade the Summoned Swords by Jumping or Rolling.

Even with knowing his combos and attacks and knowing how to face them, this fight still requires focus and concentration as well as good reflexes. I play DMC4 in Turbo Mode as well which makes the fight ridiculously fast, especially with the aggressive Style I use to fight Credo. The brutal difficulty of this fight will make a lot of people who have access to the Gods Must Die mod suffer and possibly give up. It took me around 6 hours, at least 50 tries, but at 8 am in the morning of Saturday, 21 May 2016, I cried out in joy, as finally….

….Credo drops down to his knees in his defeat!!

I never felt so good defeating a boss before in any game.

My fingers hurt, I have headache. After the fight ended and the Adrenalin Rush wore off I noticed how tired and worn out I was. This fight really pushed me to the limits and I’m glad to have overcome this challenge.

However, the joy slightly worn off after I came to the realization…. THAT CREDO IS NOT EVEN THE HARDEST BOSS IN DMC4. 

I also plan to finish this game with Vergil on Gods Must Die. The lack of a Buster attack as well as the lack of a “normal” Mid-Air Jump will make this even harder than it was with Nero and I want to mention it again.. Nero is arguably the easiest character in DMC4.

This is the end of this protocol of Pain, I wonder If I’ll do one again when the opportunity arises, I am kinda motivated for it to be honest.

See ya, Bye Bye then~


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