Can a Fandom Destroy An Anime Experience? – A Theory

I currently find myself in an awkward position when it comes to watching anime. I play Visual Novels most of the time and occasionally practice my Skills in Devil May Cry 4 and Unreal Tournament. The only anime I currently watch is Macross Delta. Now, when it comes to Anime I should watch according to others, “Bakemonogatari” is in first place here. This is the “awkward” part: I noticed that I straight out refuse to watch this show. Here is a theory on why.

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The “Call of Duty Problem”

E3 2016, Sony’s Conference, I missed it since I was sleeping during the conference and I re-watched it the day after. Suddenly, a game set in space, with cool looking space-battles, interesting Zero Gravity Sections where you have to rely a lot on moving with a grapple and ways to go around your opponents from different angles etc. Personal Impression is good and I’m wondering what game this is…

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