The “Call of Duty Problem”

E3 2016, Sony’s Conference, I missed it since I was sleeping during the conference and I re-watched it the day after. Suddenly, a game set in space, with cool looking space-battles, interesting Zero Gravity Sections where you have to rely a lot on moving with a grapple and ways to go around your opponents from different angles etc. Personal Impression is good and I’m wondering what game this is…

It already dawned on me already that this had quite some similarities to a certain series which put out the 2nd most disliked video on Youtube. But despite these similarities I was still really surprised to see this screen appear after that pretty good looking gameplay.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-14 16:02:36.png
It was indeed Gameplay from the new CoD: Infinite Warfare.

With this gameplay, I was wondering how many people would react and how. It certainly did look pretty good, so people should react rather positively, right? Unfortunately I forgot 3 important things:

  1. The current Call of Duty Situation
  2. The stubborn Call of Duty Fanbase
  3. The Insolent Battlefield Fanbase
Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-14 16:10:02.png
Which ultimately led to this…

1. The current Call of Duty Situation

The name Call of Duty today stands for many today for: Dumb Action, Immature Fanbase, Short Campaign which always holds your hand, Imbalanced Multiplayer with Overpowered Killstreak and the list goes on for much longer.

For many the game is a representation of Modern First Person Shooters and how bad they are. “It’s just the same bad shit over again” is something you hear a lot when you ask internet people for their opinion on Call of Duty. “Go back to your CoD” is a common insult against Casual Players.

However, to say that CoD didn’t earn this image isn’t really wrong, as the above mentioned things of what CoD stands for many are all things that really apply to a lot of Call of Duty Games and Activision themselves with their DLC Policy with this series doesn’t exactly help here.

With the release of Modern Warfare 3, the Hate against Call of Duty started to grow bigger and bigger and the Developers decided to change things up a bit: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is set in the future and the Singleplayer had decisions which impacted on the story. Also, the popular Zombie-mode came back, which was a fan-favorite coming back from Black Ops 1. The general opinion was rather positive as Treyarch seemed to really try and bring the one or another change.

With the next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PS4 coming up, CoD can’t of course miss out on this opportunity and Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty: Ghost as a launch title for these consoles. The problem… the presentation of CoD:Ghosts with the Xbox One Reveal was laughed at by a lot of people as the graphics didn’t look good for “next-gen” and they advertised it with a fish A.I. which moves out of the way when you get to close to them as part of the next-gen features….. something which already was present at Super Mario 64.

oh, and one of the most important things presented: The Dog. A Dog with “high resolution textures”…but no fur…

In fact, most of the features presented at the Xbox Reveal were nothing new or revolutionary to Call of Duty and the fans noticed that, they made fun of Ghosts before it even came out and it already could be seen that this game will flop.

These are the preorder numbers before the games launched, people pre-ordered BO2 almost twice as much than Ghosts

Let’s make it short what happened after release: Call of Duty Ghosts is seen as one of the worst games in the franchise up to date.

After CoD: Ghosts was hated by a lot, Advanced Warfare in 2014 should change things up again and it was seen as better by a lot of means, at least I heard this from the community, since I have not played AW.

But people started to get sick of the future scenario and even though Advanced Warfare was seen by many as pretty decent, people start disliking CoD’s future setting and wanted CoD: MW back.

When Black Ops 3 was announced and the future setting was revealed, people starting directly hating on it, calling it “repetitive futureshit”, “Sci-Fi Trash again” etc. It ended up with lots of people not even bothering to buy Black Ops 3, they didn’t want to spend money on something they already knew how it was going to be like and just stuck to the older games.

And there we have it, No one wants to play another Call of Duty set in the future, but Activision decided to do it again: The Infinite Warfare Announcement Trailer is the 2nd most disliked Youtube Video till today, with only Justin Biebers “Baby” being more hated.

The Hatetrain was already building up since MW3 and unleashed its full wrath on Infinite Warfare, as Activision announced another thing which pissed people off even more: The Modern Warfare Remake can only be played when purchasing Infinite Warfare. Ouch.

But I think that there is a reason: This is a desperation move by Activision as they do not want to lose more players for their new CoD game, but this desperation move just spawned even more hate. And here is part of the Call of Duty Problem: What should Activision have done? They want people to buy their new game, but they already hate it so much even before announcement, so they probably announced the MW remake with it to get as many fans back as possible, but then the Multiplayer of Infinite Warfare would most likely almost instantly die so they had to change the policy here. From a perspective of Profit, tying the MW Remake to Infinite Warfare just might have been a really great decision. From a Consumer perspective however this couldn’t be worse.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-15 11:18:02.png

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-15 11:18:12.png
Oh, and fuck these people, trying to motivate others to dislike the Gameplay even more, just because for the sake of it.

2. The Stubborn Call of Duty Fanbase.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-15 10:56:58.png

Next to the Hatetrain of “Call of Duty being always the same shit” there also these people who don’t want Call of Duty to change at all. I mentioned before that a lot of people where so surprised to see “Call of Duty” plop up after seeing the Gameplay…. and started hating afterwards.

We now have people hating Infinite Warfare because it changes the “usual” CoD gameplay and hating it, calling it “Not CoD anymore” as they seem to refuse to adapt to changes to the CoD Gameplay.

Think about it: People hate Infinite Warfare because it’s “the same shit again” and at the same time, other people hate Infinite Warfare because “it isn’t CoD anymore”. Do you see the contradiction? No matter what Activision would have done, the hate would still be here.

Modern Warfare 4? “Just the same shit again, just play MW 1 or 2”

Black Ops 4? “Again? That’s gonna suck”

A World War 2 Setting? “What the fuck, this isn’t Call of Duty, I want MW”

A World War 1 Setting? “that’s not CoD anymore”

No matter what, some big part of the CoD fanbase will always complain about it, which spreads hate and further increases the CoD Hate.

3. The Insolent Battlefield Fanbase

Do you know how the general reaction was when Battlefield 1 announced to be set in World War I? Let me show you:

This was how people reacted to BF1

It has become the number 1 reason to play Battlefield 1: Because it stomped CoD to the ground and will ultimately kill the franchise. This reason is RETARDED.

The Battlefield versus Call of Duty Fanboy-Fight is one of the most unnecessary Discussions in the internet and was there since forever. I first caught glimpse of this war when I got really hyped for Battlefield 3, and as the kid I was back then I also partook in this discussion, marking CoD: Modern Warfare 3 as garbage…. but still played it… and enjoyed it…

But yeah, with Battlefield 1 playing in World War I and people being fed up about a future setting CoD, this couldn’t have gone better for EA and their prudent BF-Fanboys, no matter if the game turns out bad or not. Marketingwise, EA won against Activision here and CoD is getting stomped thanks to this.


And so, the CoD: Infinte Gameplay Video is full of dislikes and unnecessary stupid comments which do not think about what they just saw but why this game is going to be shit, sometimes not even watching the video.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-06-20 09:23:35.png
I sure wish people would mean that sarcastically…

But why am I writing this post? I’m not telling you to pre-order Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, It can still turn out to be a really bad game. However, give the game a chance please, the gameplay looks somewhat promising and the Space Setting might give Call of Duty a change of pace is desperately needed. If that completely fails, the franchise might die, is that good or bad? Both possibly, but that’s not my point.

Previews, Reviews, Impressions, these exist for a reason, do not boycott a game because of its name alone or just because you like that “rival franchise”. Buy or not buy a game based on whether you know if it’s your kind of game or not. 

Last but not least, CoD is not the only franchise who has to deal with this Problem. The Need for Speed Franchise is in the same kind of trouble as well, after people repeatedly wanted a game like “NfS: Underground 2” again, which they got with the latest game which disappointed many people. They do not have a rival franchise on PC yet but with Forza Horizon 3 coming for Windows 10, I see massive trouble incoming here…

See ya, Bye-Bye then~










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