Humanity’s Successor – A concept (Part 1)

What if humanity was wiped out by a very human-like alien race who consider themselves to be a better humanity? The world becomes occupied by different forces of said alien-races, all claiming to be the better humanity and more suitable for inhabiting the planet. However, slowly but surely, history repeats itself as the alien start making similar mistakes to their predecessors… Some notice that, some don’t. 

Ok, first things first. This is about a story I started writing about 1 year ago, I never got to finish it nor do I currently feel the motivation to finish it. I was motivated to begin writing it during a time of depression where I just felt like hating everyone and anyone. So I wrote the prologue chapter of this story, in which the last two humans on earth are getting hunted down by Shira, one of the main characters of said story. She succeeds and decapitates the last human being with the words “You asked for it”. She talked to him before, but in a language the human couldn’t understand, but these last words were in a human language.

Shira is leader of the Shrine Clan, a Clan which have settled themselves at the US East coast with their mainbase, the “Shrine Fortress” located around Washington D.C. with several outposts around the area. It was one of the 3 leader clans of the alien race called “Mechrites”. “Was” because what caused the war against humanity was a strike against the Hunter clan, the second leader clan, which completely wiped these out. What happened afterwards was a chain of events that let to the following:

  • Amazukasa, The former leader of the Shrine is found dead, the assumption is suicide
  • Zaha, The leader of the Nameless Clan, the third leader clan, suddenly refuses to cooperate with the Shrine Clan
  • The Shrine Clan alone is not powerful enough to retain their authority over the other clans of the Mechrites, the leadership completely collapses
  • Chriaz, the only surviving member of the Hunter Clan goes missing, after 3 years, he suddenly reappears attacking members of the Shrine Clan, even interrupting Shira as she hunts down the last humans.
  • The Nafe Clan, north to the Shrine Clan, expands their territory very aggressively and already clashed with the Red Clan.

This would be the situation as of Chapter 1, which would mainly revolve around Chriaz and Shira and what the connection between these two is. I will talk more about the characters later, but let’s take a closer look at the setting.


Mechrites are from outer space, not known to habitate a planet. They’ve been wandering around space for quite a while before they ended up on Planet Earth.

The Mechrites have an identical build to humans, except for one thing, the so-called “Pranacrest” which is part of each Mechrites Body, commonly on the back with a diamond-like structure. This pranacrest is a source for “Prana” that has various purposes within and outside the body. It serves as an energy supply for the Mechrites when there is no Oxygen and is hardening the body structure which allows Mechrites to fly freely round in space, it also double the life expectancy of a Mechrite compared to a human. Outside, it can be used as an energy supply to power vehicles for example, with a connection between the Mechrite and the vehicle, the Paranacrest can supply this vehicle with energy. However, depending on the Prana-level of the Pranacrest, the amount of stuff which you can make fully functional is limited. The Prana-level for the Pranacrest go from C -> B -> A -> S with C being the lowest level and S being the highest.

With the Pranacrest, Mechrites are a walking energy source, but for that, the Prana inside the Crest has to be conveyed in “usable” energy. That’s what the “Pranagear” is for, a device on the back of Mechrites that converts Prana into energy. There is a common Pranagear for each rank that work with each Prana-level on different occasions, with the exception of S-Rank Pranacrests.

  • C-Rank: Devices with rather low energy-demand, this can range from simple stuff like coffee machines to a computer and very light vehicles, a motorcycle for example
  • B-Rank: Devices with mid energy-demand, like medium vehicles, busses and shuttle-expresses and such. It is also minimum requirement for flight and space vehicles, and to work in the military as a soldier
  • A-Rank: Devices with high energy demand, like heavy military vehicles and equipment and high-tech military equipment. Outside of the military, only High-Tech devices need an A-Rank Pranagear, in the open public, A-Rank Pranagears are rarely needed.
  • S-Rank: Pranacrests with S-Rank Level have a huge gap in energy levels between them and A-Ranks. Only one out of 10000 happen to have an S-Rank Pranacrest so S-Rank Mechrites are quite rare. S-Rank Mechrites each have a unique Pranacrest which was made for their desires, with mostly military purposes, as S-Rank Mechrites can easily outpower other Mechrites. The S-Rank Pranacrest increases strength, agility and reflexes of the owner and is usually combined with a unique weapon which can only be fully functional with an S-Rank Pranacrest. It is very often the case that a leader of a Clan is an S-Rank Mechrite, because Power = Authority in most Clans, but there are exceptions.

It is here also to mention that the energy source of the Pranacrest can also be used as an energy source for Powerplants and such, in fact, on the Shrine Fortress, when people go to sleep, they connect their pranacrest to a connection that supplies the generator with energy while they sleep.

The Clans

The world has been occupied by the Mechrites, but different Clan’s are in different places, so far I had 7 clans established in the story:

  • Shrine Clan: Led by Shira Lasira, Occupied the East Coast of the US
  • Red Clan: Led by Haruki Siguz, Occupied the West Coast of the US
  • Nafe Clan: Led by Navi, Occupied Alaska
  • Nameless Clan: Led by Zaha, no Occupation on Earth, they’re floating in space in Chapter 1
  • Hunter Clan: Only 1 member left, who goes with the name “Chriaz”
  • Wild Clan: Occupied France
  • Warrior Clan: Occupied Germany

This is the world at the time of chapter 1 (spoiler, this will change), all Clans have something unique about them.

The Shrine Clan has a very strict politic when it comes to Morals and Ethics. Purity and a common mindset is used to achieve harmony within the society, which doesn’t allow for much individuality within that society though. Inside the Shrine Clan, the Shira Lasira (S-Rank) has been chosen as she is the daughter of the earlier Leader of the Shrine Clan, Amazukasa. However, she’s been chosen in a very bad situation, Amazukasa died, the Leader Clans fall apart and the war with the humans just started. 3 years later, after situation with the humans calmed down, Shire doesn’t get a break: The Nafe Clan attacks the ally of the Shrine Clan, the Red Clan, and Chriaz starts hunting down and killing members of the Shrine Clan who are outside of the Shrine Fortress. All this leads to a slow mental breakdown of Shira as she can’t bear the constant attacks against her.

Shira doesn’t lead the Shrine alone, 4 people inside the Clan help her in her policy, Akane Cinder (S-Rank), her personal assistant, Inas (A-Rank), a very stubborn guy and experienced guy who is mainly is responsible for the finances, Chiarim (C-Rank), a middle-aged guy who is the science leader of the Clan and Zuka (A-Rank), who is in charge of colonising the earth which has been devastated by the war.

The Red Clan is in a lot of ways very similar to the Shrine Clan but the main differences are, that the leader Haruki (S-Rank) leaves her people way more freedom in developing their life, a common mindset is taught but not forced, it is also taught about what people can possibly achieve within their lives. However, more freedom leads to more conflicts of interest, which is why the Red Clan needs to have a strong police force to prevent a possible Civil War. Haruki herself is a very determined Person with an immensely strong will. She is one of the two people (next to Akane) who support Shira the most when she is in trouble as she knows that Shira wasn’t prepared to take over the leadership so suddenly.

Haruki isn’t alone in her authority, she is supported by a nameless warrior who has a mask so no one can see or identify him, who also has an S-Rank Pranacrest.

The Hunter Clan was the Police Force of the 3 Leader Clans, they hunted down perpetrators inside other clans and eliminated them if they posed a lethal threat to the Clan. However, during a meeting of all Clanmembers where everyone except for Chriaz,  was assembled, a bombstrike happened which destroyed the entire Ship of the Hunter Clan, leaving only the S-Rank leader alive. However, soon the S-Rank leader got assasinated by an unkown murderer.

With that the only surviving member of the Hunter Clan is Chriaz who also has a very unique trait: He does not possess a Pranacrest. When he was a child, he had to grow up with a handicap that no one else possessed. As you probably have noticed earlier, the Pranacrest is very important to Mechrites and it made Chriaz’s life hell. He had to struggle going trying to do something useful for his Clan as he was almost entirely useless, he was physically very weak and he had way lower life expectancy. However, he fought through, build a reputition inside his clan and grew up to be an honorable member. But everything changed after the strike by the humans on the Hunter Clan, he was imprisoned by the Shrine Clan due to a missunderstanding when this all happened. This misunderstanding makes him hostile towards the Shrine Clan combined with the fact, that he blames the Shrine Clan for destroying the possibility of a peaceful relationship with the humans, and he uses the Chaos the war causes to escape from the Shrine Clan.

After this he settles down near the Shrine Fortress, hiding 3 years while the War still went on, as the Outposts around him don’t allow him to escape, but soon he finds the corpse of the former Leader and a very unique Pranagear and Weapon. A Pranagear which absorbs the energy of other PRanacrests to create its own Pranacrest.

With this, Chriaz suddenly has more possibilities, but the energy has to be assembled first. The energy of other Mechrites can only be absorbed if the Mechrite is “alive”, which makes assasinations a bit more complicated for Chriaz. However, as he sees an opportunity where 2 C-Rank Members of the Shrine Clan searched through a ruin of Humankind, he takes the chance and eliminates both, absorbing their power.

These little attacks continue more and more and become bigger and bigger as Chriaz Strength grows with the absorption of more power. Soon, Chiarim in the Shrine Clan Confirms that his energylevel is the same as an A-Rank Pranacrest. But Chriaz strives for an S-Rank but to get to that, he would need an S-Rank Pranacrest….


This would be the summary of 3 of the Clans and some look at some characters, there is more to it, but If I were to go into every single detail I would spend years on this paper, but I also don’t want to spoil the story too much.

And with that, I shall end this concept. It’s still very rough and I , if the interest is there, may make a second blogpost in which I present you the whole story concept of Chapter 1 and 2, as well as look deeper in some other characters.

I hope I could spark some interest^^

See ya, Bye-Bye Then~




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