I have a problem

You probably have noticed, this blog has been very quiet for quite some time. So I wanted to take this opportunity and write down some thoughts I currently have, as well as giving you Insight of why this blog is so quiet lately.

First, lets get a bit of Insight, what’s going on on this blog? I currently have several Drafts that I begun but can’t finish, since there is no motivation. In fact, I will be surprised if you end up reading this…. which would mean I just surprised myself…

Anyway, I want to give you a little look at what those Drafts are and how far I’ve gotten with them:

  • Tales of Zestiria The X Episode 6, Analysis of Masayuki Kunihiro’s fight scene (86 wors)
  • Panzer Waltz, a game about tanky anime girls (111 words)
  • Touken Ranbu – ufotable, Dogakobo and two edges of the same sword (0 words, only the title exists)
  • Sakuga: Explosions are Art (109 words)
  • Umineko no Naku Koro Ni: [Still Needs a Clever Title] (716 words)
  • Custom Maid 3D 2 and the Fascination behind it (93 words)
  • Moe Antrophormism – Everything can be human (0 words, only title exists)

That’s 7 Drafts started and unfinished and I can’t get myself to continue them.

You might notice a trend, most posts are around 100 words with the exceptions of Umineko and the 0 word Drafts.

With Umineko I know exactly what’s the problem, I don’t know how to talk about this Visual Novel with only a Minimum of Spoilers, during a Recording for the german Aniview Podcast I even had to bring up the question how much I should spoil during that post. While I got some helpful tips, I still feel lost about Umineko… The only thing I can really say is, that I think it is a brilliant Visual Novel, because… and yeah, right here would already stand a spoiler.

Touken Ranbu and the Moe Antrophormism post are post where I actually don’t even think that I have a problem, it’s basically just a head-ups and a reminder to me that I want to write about these and that I do not forget those.

All the other ones tho… I feel like, when I am opening the drafts and want to write on those, the motivation is suddenly gone and I want to do something else. This is especially sad, cause I do enjoy discussiong fight choreographies with a friend of mine (who also goes by the name “Chris) in the community.

This brings me tot he last point of this post.

I’m starting to feel completely out of place among the Anime Community, Sakuga Community, Anything-which-has-to-do-with-anime Community.

I feel like everything is hostile against my opinion, and while I want to stand my own opinion on certain matters, having no support on my side just feels shitty. Remember my Post about Anime Fandoms and how they could ruin an Experience? Specifically the Kyoto Animation example? I think this situation has become a lot worse lately, even among the Sakuga Community. I remember being ashamed of the ufotable fanbase for praising it way too high and talked about it to those people on the Hummingbird Discord. Next thing I remember is when Canipa releases his video about ufotable and the first comment from said people about this video is… How he mentioned that “only KyoAni could best the ufotable digital department” and nothing else.


Apparently there is a secret rule among Sakuga people:

Rule 1: KyoAni can’t do anything wrong

Rule 2: In the non-existant case KyoAni does something wrong, Rule 1 is automatically activated.

I talked about the KyoAni matter before and I’m basically beating a dead horse here, a dead horse who has become way more annoying than when it was alive…

not only that, I feel like those people are laughing at me whenever I have to admit that KyoAni did something better than ufotable. I remember when I said that during a scene from Free!, the water was admittably better than ufotable’s water, which was more or less a reply to a comment about someone who said “Everyone should animate water like ufotable”

First answer: “HAHA, you admiteed it! KyoAni>>>>>>ufotable”

Honestly, It feels incredibly tempting to call the KyoAni fanbase a bunch of Hypocrites…

Enough of that.

Outside of that, I don’t feel like I’m on the same wavelength with the small Community I’m part of anymore, Everyone talks about how cute New Game is or “REM IS BEST GIRL” or other more SoL-like stuff, even fucking Crunchyroll themselves seems to only care about New Game and I’m here thinking: “I don’t care about those, isn’t there anyone who actually wants to talk about the stuff I like?”. The fact that anime itself doesn’t really deliver the things I want right now is not exactly helping either….

So where do I go from here? I feel left alone when talking about ufotables Tales of Zestiria the X or about Macross Delta, with no-one really taking notice. If count 1 and 1 togethere, you may also realize that this is also a problem with the drafts for this post. I don’t feel like it is worth it anymore…

This blogpost is really rushed and not proofread, I just felt like getting this off my chest and changing something about it feels kind of wrong, so.. sorry if grammar mistakes and spelling errors cause cancer for you, also don’t invite me to your funeral. Thanks.

See ya, bye-bye then.


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