r/anime And That One Problem Of The “Anime-Specific” Rule

Whenever there is a problem, you look for a solution. However, if that problem happens to be very unclear up to this date, there is a high chance that the solution you have will not fix this problem or make things even worse. In case you didn’t notice it in the title, it’s about the subreddit r/anime.

Now, my history with r/anime isn’t the best… I have several removed posts on there and generally don’t interact a lot with this subreddit.

The first time I encountered the “anime-specific” rule was before I created my blog, my posts were mainly on imgur back then. There I created an analysis of the fifth Fate/Grand Order TV-CM and it got submitted (not by me)  to r/anime. Long story short, It got removed, because of a certain rule, quote from the Mod who removed the submission:

The content of your post does not appear to fit [/r/anime’s definition of anime specific.]

Of course I wasn’t happy at all about it, so messaged the mod because of this matter, here is the whole conversation:


Now, what should be striking is the Following thing: In the last message, “DrNyanpasu” confirms that I’m not even allowed to submit links related to Anime Game Openings, even if the majority of people would clearly confirm that they think that this is “anime”. Now, in my first message I insisted that this was fitting to the rules of r/anime, which is unfortunately denied. The problem is, that the Mod himself insisted one specific thing, which is very unfortunate to say the least:


First off, here are the  rules of r/anime:

This screenshot of the rules is from October 19, 2016 (just in case they are changing something, which just might happen after the incident with “The Shelter” music video)

There are two sentences which are odd here:

” The specific definition we use to determine “Anime” is “An animated series, produced and aired in Japan, intended for a Japanese audience”. We do not consider anime to be a “style””

It is strictly said, that “Anime” has to be “an animated series”. This narrows down the definition of “anime” more than it should. What I mean is, that “series” is defined in dictionaries as “a number of similar or related events or things, one following another” (from Cambridge Dictionary),  which means that it doesn’t allow discussions outside of anime that are produced as a tv or movie series.

That means, everything you see at Anime Expo, Game Openings like the Tales of Berseria Opening by ufotable and animation shorts like Shelter from A-1 Pictures are even though they would fit to “produced and aired in Japan, intended for a Japanese audience”are not allowed to be talked about and this is, forgive my rude language here, fucking stupid in my opinion.

And ridiculously enough, I think this can be solved rather easily, just change “series” to “product”.

An animated product, produced and aired in Japan, intended for a Japanese audience. (Sounds a bit stupid but you should get my point)

With that, Music Videos, Animation Shorts and Anime Game OPs (which are usually banned) would still be allowed, while things like “Spongebob” or “Teen Titans” would be outside r/anime, which is totally fine in my opinion.

EDIT (19.10.2016):

After sleeping about it, I realized I forgot something about this sentence:

r/anime defines anime as “produced and aired in Japan” but with that a little problem arises. A lot of anime aren’t exclusively produced in Japan. The Animator Bahi JD does not animate at an anime studio located in Japan, but in his home country Austria, which isn’t a rarity. Indeed, a lot of anime staff nowadays is not located in Japan. The Drifters OP was animated by a frenchman with the name “Cedric Herole”. Layouts in Macross Delta were drawn by Thomas Romain, also french.

What I’m saying is: As long as “produced and aired in Japan” does not mean “exclusively produced and aired in Japan”, this rule is still fine. But if it means that, r/anime is basically starting to restrict itself from talking about anime for several reasons.


However there is one thing I’m a little bit torn about:

“That said, posts about real people are not allowed unless they revolve around a person’s ability to work in the industry”

That means, posts about Megumi Kouno and her work in Anime would also be allowed, but what if we’re talking about an animator who works outside of Japan even though he was a big influence in Anime, like Mitsuo Iso? the mods of the subreddit will definetely remove post about Mitsuos work outside of Japan which will cause discussions most likely again, but I think I would side with the subreddit here.



And with that I’m already finished here. I feel like I overlooked something in regards to the “anime-specific” rule, looking that my solution is a really simple one. This wouldn’t make a big fuss and would solve a lot of the problems of r/anime…

I feel weird about this, so If I was overlooking something, feel free to tell me!

See ya, Bye-Bye then~

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