Therme/Galaxy Erding – A Sliding Experience

“What the hell is this!?” you might ask. Yep, no gaming, no anime, it’s about something I did last Sunday, where I went to a public bath, full of slides and it was really damn fun. So I thought, I would share my thoughts and why I think that Galaxy Erding is one of the best things ever.

“Wait, this guy has something like a real life? What’s next? He has… friends? a girlfriend? An actual future!?” If you think that, I have to disappoint you, I’m still a huge weeb like you probably are. But more importantly, what is Galaxy Erding?

The Tropical Spa Area, at the time the picture was taken, the Poolbar in this area did not exist yet.

Therme/Galaxy Erding is a water park, located in Erding, Germany. Erding is around 30 km north-east from Munich.

The bath itself is separated into 5 areas, Wavepool, Galaxy, Tropical Spa, Vitalyoasis and Saunas (there is also a hotel attached to this park, called “Hotel Victory”).

I will shortly go through all areas, except for the Galaxy as this is the area I want to discuss the most (It also is the area where all the slides are)

The Wavepool is kind of self-explanatory. There is a pool and there are waves generated there, which would be nothing special. However, the waves in this pool are extraordinary strong and there are lots of warnings that you should not leave the “Not-Swimming” area carelessly, for a good reason. When I was there I had quite hard time keeping myself over water and later had to rely on swimming noodles. Next to the Wavepool there is a bath that leads outside to quite a big area and also a tent where there is one of two poolbars with Cocktails, beers, drinks and such.

Hotel Victory is right next to the Wavepool Area.

The Tropical Spa is a pretty relaxed area. Lots of pools with occasional water gymnastic, massage nozzles, another poolbar, palm trees everywhere.. It also has a ceiling that opens itself in summer when it is warm enough, pretty nice. The restaurant is also nearby (food is good but maybe a bit overpriced), as well as a Sauna and several “Heilbecken” (transl. Healing Pools). It is also a pretty warm area so relaxing there will be close to no problem.

I have never entered the Vitalyoasis and the Sauna Area unfortunately, mainly to my own disinterest, but also since If I wanted to relax, the Tropical Spa was already enough for me… Also, you’re paying extra each if you enter Vitalyoasis or Sauna. It is also to mention that in parts of the Vitalyoasis, you’re not allowed to wear anything.

Ok, this was the (for me at least) unimportant stuff. My main reason on why I think of Galaxy Erding as one of my favourite places on earth, is the Galaxy area.

The galaxy from outside, a dome fully packed with a total of 19 slides.

There are also additional 8 slides outside, but I was not able to access them yet, since I chose a poor time to visit galaxy, as these slides are closed in Fall/Winter…

The slides are categorized into 3 levels: Family, Action and EXTREMEHARDCOREMWTDEWDORITOMLGAIRHORN X-treme. I will go through every slide of the Action and the X-treme level, as the Family Level slides are for children mainly and I would only be allowed to slide one of them (I’m 20 years old.. a little old for this), not to mention that these slides are rather standard, nothing special, the Action Level is where things start getting interesting.

Black Mamba


  • Level: Action
  • Length: 145 meter
  • Height: 14 meter
  • Highlight: Light effects inside the slide with a complete dark area in the middle, trula a highLIGHT, right?
  • Times slid (on sunday by me): 2

The Black Mamba is a pretty decently fast slide, which is also used for competitive sliding. The highlights of the slide are that you’re getting presented a big lightshow when sliding down, which can be pretty damn exciting. However, to make the lightshow as good as possible, the slide is completely opaque, no light can come in from the outside. In the middle of the slide there is even a part where there is no lightshow, in other words, it’s completely dark there. This can get a bit irritating though and can cause disorientation.

I enjoyed this slide a lot, it is pretty decent to slide, and can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner or you can try to get as fast as possible through it. Both is pretty good, though I definitely wouldn’t call it my favorite slide in Galaxy Erding, one of the reasons is that the queue can be a bit long at times, around 10-15 minutes waiting time, though that is the lesser of two evils like you’ll see later…

Magic Eye


  • Level: Action
  • Length: 340 meter
  • Height: 22 meter
  • Highlight: Longest Tyre Slide in Europe
  • Times slid: 7-8 times

The Magic Eye is one of three (technically four) slides that start at around the highest point in the dome. It is also one of the two tyre slides in Galaxy Erding. The color patterns of this slide begin with red/orange, then white/blue with the final 100 meter being red&orange again, so you don’t have 300 meter the same colours into your eyes.

The slide never gets too fast and you can enjoy it pretty laid back. Since the Slide is also big in size, multiple people can start sliding at the same time,so there is only rarely a big queue in front of this slide and even if there is you don’t have to wait a long time.

What is also nice, during nighttime when the light inside the dome get turned on, you’ll get some pretty neat lighteffects inside the slide. This also happens when the Dome’s ceiling opens during summer, and it is quite the incredibly sight. Pretty awesome slide!

Speed Racer Red & Yellow

Bildschirmfoto am 2016-10-26 um 16.28.19.jpg

  • Level: Action
  • Length: 130 meter
  • Height: 14 meter
  • Highlight: High Speed and a (unfortunately buggy) digital stopwatch
  • Times slid: around 10 times

These are two slides which start at the highest level of the dome. They start parallel to each other so you can compete with a friend or a stranger in who is faster at sliding down, so of course it is important that the slides are the same length even through twist and turns.

This slide can get really damn fast, part of it is because of a steep slope at the very beginning where you already gain a lot of speed, plus a steep slope in the middle. Now, if you want to slide down in the fastest way possible (there is a certain position that allows you to slide faster, where you push up your hip and cross your legs, so you touch the ground with as few body parts as possible), the speed in which you go into the turns will require quite some strength. If you go into these turns with the mentioned posture, the centrifugal force will press you against the slide and make it one hell of a fight to maintain your posture, especially at the last turn. In other words, if you want to be fast, take also endurance and strength with you.

This slide is incredibly fun but really damn exhausting if you’re like me and want to go down as fast as possible. There is a clock that takes your time, but it doesn’t work correctly most of the time (haha) when I was there on Sunday which is a damn shame (I slided down with some stranger on both slides, the times the clock took were 5-6 seconds apart even though we started simultaneously and finished almost at the same time). I think I had around 15 seconds as my best time, at least in that one time where I think the clock was running fine.

 Open Space


  • Level:Action
  • Length: 34 meters
  • Height: 6 Meters
  • Highlights: Nothing..really…
  • Times slid: 1

Open Space is a wavy slide, that is pretty broad. This is.. honestly everything I can really say here. The broadness of the slide allows several people to slide at the same time, which can make it a very family friendly slide. The speed is also decent, you have to beware that you still want to keep some distance behind other people, as it can get pretty uncomfortable if you crash into other people.

Overall, decent ride but for me overall too unexciting, which is why I only slid it once on my trip. However, the queue is usually nonexistent and the time to get up to the beginning is very little, so it’s the best slide if you want some fast action.

Down Under


  • Level: Action
  • Length: 18 meter
  • Height: 3 meter
  • Highlight: Some nice light effects I guess?
  • Times slid: 1

This slide is basically a shorter and smaller version of the Open Space slide, with some nice light effects.

However, it is rather boring, and is the least exciting slide on the Action Level. I slid it one time and that’s basically it. Nothing special, not very long but it looks nice.

Space Bowl


  • Level: Action
  • Length: 70 meter
  • Height: 12 meter
  • Highlight: Funnel slide
  • Times slid: 1

The Space Bowl is a really damn fun slide. It begins decently fast, with a rather narrow tube slide, which is then followed by a funnel where the sliding person has free rotation and is also getting constantly getting sprinkled on. This funnel leads into another tube, which is a bit more steep this time and then the ride ends.

As said, even though the adventure is rather short, the slide is pretty fun and exciting, and is one of my favourite slides in Erding. However, I’m not the only one who thinks that, which is actually pretty bad.. why? The security measures for this slide are pretty big, a revolving gate is in front of the slide, that only leaves the next one in, if the one who is currently sliding has left the slide through the revolving gate at the end. However, with the sheer mass of the people entering Erding everyday, especially weekends, this causes the queue to be massive. I’m talking about up to 40 minutes of waiting here, which is insane.

My recommendation, come as early as possible, the queue will not be as big as in the midday, and the waiting time will hopefully be reduced to a minimum!

Wild River


  • Level: Action
  • Length: 185 meter
  • Height: 7 meter
  • Highlight: Pain
  • Times slid: 4

Ouchie. This one word is a pretty good way of describing this slide. “Wild River” is to be taken seriously here. The shape of the slide is not oval or round like every other slide on the Action Level, but instead is in the shape of a box, if you catch my drift. Talking about drift, you’ll drift into walls a lot in this slide and no.. Eurobeat won’t help you make this any more comfortable.

The first 3 curves are still fine, but then you pick up quite a decent pace and you’ll start bumping from one wall into the other, which can hurt if you don’t pay attention. In the middle there is a little pool in which you get slowed down quite a bit, but it is recommended to try to advance as fast as possible, the people tend to not wait a long time after you start sliding…

Overall, the slide is quite a bumpy ride, which can hurt you a bit. It’s not going to cause severe injuries as long as you don’t decide to slide down in some kind of stupid pose or something, but otherwise it can be quite fun. The Queue is usually never really long, and the waiting is minimal. However, stay away from these idiots who want to slide down this river simultaneously, it will only hurt you…

Space Glider


  • Level: Action
  • Length:160 meter
  • Height: 9 meter
  • Highlight: Sliding upwards
  • Times slid: 7-8

The last slide of the Action Level is the second Slide in Galaxy Erding which needs tires to use, and while you CAN go into the Magic Eye without tires (it’s not allowed, but you can), this slide absolutely must be slid with tires. The reason for that are the sections in which you slide upwards!

In two sections of this slide, some powerful nozzles will catapult you upwards, even giving you a speedboost. This is not only a completely different feeling from the usual slides but also makes the ride feel faster. Really exceptional and really damn fun!

The queue in front of this slide is moderate, maximum can be 5 minutes, which is fine. This one is one of my favourites in Galaxy Erding, definetely not miss out on this one!

High Fly

This is how the slide looks like in 2016.
  • Level: X-treme
  • Length: 32 meter
  • Height: 12 meter
  • Highlight: Jump
  • Times Slided: 4

The High Fly is a little bit odd. This slide begins with a very steep section, before you get to jump and fly for a short while. This is how it was 2 years ago, when I first slided this one, but the slide has been rebuilt when I visited Erding the Sunday before this post.

The beginning is still the same, very steep slide that is so steep that you sometimes collide with plexi-glass at the ceiling which then leads into the jumping phase. However, the “Jump” in the new slide is pretty small now which is a damn shame, but the feeling of “Flying” is still present, as the mat which you land on is fitted to the jump path you have. With that, the landing on the mat is much more comfortable without losing too much but still a noticeable amount of the feeling of “flying”.

If I had to go through my feeling of sliding this, it would begin with fear at the beginning when you look down the slide. Then when you lay down and you start going down the very steep part, it feels like you’re about to die and then you land into the water at the end and just feel the adrenaline pumping through you when you exit the slide.

However, this slide has some dangers. You have to have a certain position when sliding, and keep up your body tension the whole time, I did not do this the third time and hit the plexi-glass ceiling with my head, which hurts a lot. I felt dizzy for the next 30 minutes before I felt well enough to continue with the slide adventure.

The Queue is never big because a lot of people do not even dare to go down this slide (it’s an X-treme level slide for a reason). A revolving gate mechanic, similar to Space Bowl is also in use here, to nullify the risk of some jackasses thinking “sliding down with 2-3 at the same time is gonna be fun” and probably heavily injure themselves. However, it should be also mentioned… Once you go through that gate, you can’t turn back.



  • Level: Family… just kidding, of course it’s X-treme
  • Length: 34 meter
  • Height: 13 meter
  • Highlight: 60° Incline and most likely one hell of an adrenaline rush
  • Times slid: FUCK NO

“Do you really want to feel like it is to die?” This is me standing in front of the revolving gate before this hell of a slide. In the end, I never was able to go through the gate, I’m honestly way too afraid of this slide. It has a 60° inclined slope that goes for at least 10 meter, before it gets reduced. The High Fly has a more inclined slope, I think around 70°, but it’s only an around 2 meter long part, so it’s really short unlike the Kamikaze Slide.

The queue is just like for all X-treme slides, small and not worth mentioning. You can be sure that you can go down this slide instantly when you go through that gate… if you dare.

X-treme Faser


  • Level: X-treme
  • Length: 67 meter
  • Height: 19 meter
  • Highlight: Speed up to 70 km/h
  • Times Slided: Forget it

The X-treme Faser is the last slide I will cover in this post. It just under the highest point of the Dome, around 3 meters below the Magic Eye. This slide has been prohibited for women, after they got several injuries in the intimate area. These incidents caused a discussion and the conclusion to temporarily close the slide for women, which of course caused some women to be rather angry about this, calling this sexist and such.

With the slide going up to 70 km/h, the area in wish you splash into the water can be damn dangerous, if you don’t close your legs properly (body tension is really important here), so before you slide down this slide, make sure you are in a good condition! It should be also mention that there is always a staff member of Galaxy Erding at the beginning of the slide, making sure that everything is going the way it should be.

The queue is non-existent. I didn’t dare to go down this slide, and probably never will…

This marks the end of this post. In the end I can only say that Galaxy Erding is my favourite Adventure Bath out there for a reason. It has next to these massive amounts of slides several areas where you can relax pretty well, drink some cocktails and just have a good time. It has pretty much the best of both “Adventure” and “Relaxing” and is really worth the price.

Talking about prices, a ticket for staying the whole day costs 32€, on weekends and holidays, 36 €. This sounds like much and is quite the sum, but believe me, it is really worth the money.

I will visit Erding next summer again, so I can check out the 8 other slides that are outside. I honestly also hope for more slides to be added till then, I heard of several plans of the owners to expand the slide area even more.

Till then,

See ya, bye-bye then~


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