Devil May Cry 5 – E3 Gameplay Analysis!

At the E3 Xbox Conference, a surprise announcement catched my eye, and there has never been a rollercoaster ride with such a happy ending for me quite like this.

Devil May Cry 5 is here, and I am right here to break down a bit on my Gameplay Impressions of what we have seen!

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The Stories of NJPW Dominion 6.9 In Osaka Jo-Hall (2018)

Yeah, haha, 6.9, nice and such. With Summer slowly starting to take over the climate, the summer event of New Japan Pro Wrestling is about to take place. The Dominion Event of NJPW is pretty much the biggest one of the company right after Wrestle Kingdom at January 4th. With that in mind, as well as Dominion position in the calender as the last big checkpoint before the important G1 Climax tournament, the matches are stacked as hell.

On this article, I shall look into the stories leading up to NJPW Dominion 6.9 in a similar fashion to my Wrestle Kingdom 12 article! Enjoy!

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Dante and Vergil – The Rivalry That Would Define Rivalries


Devil May Cry is a franchise that has invented and defined the spectacle Fighter/Hack’n’Slash/Technical Fighter, whatever you may call it. DMC1 was at the time of its release a very inventive and experimental but also fun game. The second game, DMC2, was absolutely terrible. Just go look it up on Youtube, I don’t feel like talking about it here… However, DMC3 would bounce back from this disaster and present what would be a genre defining game, that has influences even today. One of the most influential aspects, was the rivalry between the two characters Dante and Vergil, the Sons of Sparda.

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Sengoku Rance Doesn’t Appreciate Learning Progress

Sengoku Rance, A Turn-Based Grand Strategy Game. People come for the Hentai, but stay for everything else. At least that is my experience when going through the game. However, the game manages to utterly frustrate me during a lot of moments, up to a point where my frustration started to outweight my enjoyment of the game. After  a long time of thinking about it, I decided to write down my thoughts about why this is the case:

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The 3 Pillars of Combat – A Concept

When you want to create a game, what do you start with? The Story? The Characters? A Vacuum Cleaner (like Nintendo did it)? (A) certain core mechanic(s)? If you’re a creator like this the possibilities are seemingly endless if you have enough motivation, skill and eventually money. I am currently here thinking how a game from myself would look like, as I want to go into the direction of being a Game Designer. I now proudly present a concept of a formula for Beat’em’Ups which I call “The 3 Pillars of Combat”.

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The Roads To Wrestle Kingdom 12 – Preview

If anyone follows my twitter for more than… 2 minutes, should know that I am pretty interested in Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling to be exact. This interest goes so far that more than often I used the hashtag #NJPW on twitter on a completely wrong context…

Out of this reason I decided to make a little article about the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 12 event, the biggest annual NJPW Event, which brings a lot of stories with it that have been built up over the year 2017 and beyond!

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Some Payday 2 Impressions


About one week ago, I spotted a game, two to be exact, in my library. Payday 1 and 2,¬† I heard good things about both games, but only with the warning that you should always play this game with at least one friend, otherwise the experience won’t be that great.

So I decided to check the game out with a friend of mine so and sum up my experience over the last days with the game. Keep in mind, this neither a review or an analysis, just an impression.

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