Macross Delta Episode 4 – The Aerial Knights of Windermere

As I predicted in the last post about Macross Delta, episode 4 is now approaching the actual storyline of this show. We get to see a few pretty great action scenes and a “proper” introduction of the antagonists. Also we see Mikumo naked….. now that is a cheap clickbait, let me correct that: We see Mikumo naked, but not from an angle where we can see a lot.

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Macross Delta Episode 3 – “Dogfights” but no dogs

mpc-hc 2016-04-18 17-16-27-87.jpg
A Mercat… an Umineko….


Macross Delta Episode 3 comes with the Title “Stormy Dogfight” so I expected some dogs. To make it short: there were none. Of course this is inexcusable, therefore I dropped this shitty anime just like Bungou Stray Dogs…. *sighs*

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