Linear Design isn’t necessarily a bad thing

There is a trend I have noticed over the last years or months in AAA-titles. I see less and less mission- or levelbased games with AAA-Budget, but mostly Open-World titles that advertise their openness and vast living world. Probably the most intriguing issue of that kind though happened recently, as Electronics Arts (EA) shut down Visceral Games, and thus shutting down a Star Wars Game that had been a development.

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So someone asked me about Bayonetta 2…

I was asked by a friend what my expectations were on Bayonetta 2, as I haven’t played it yet, on My answer was too long.. and so I thought I would put my thoughts on this blog.

Keep in mind that this is not really a blogarticle, but more of me answering very lengthy to a short question…

Also, I HAVE NOT PLAYED THE GAME “BAYONETTA 2”, so please don’t think this an analysis or review!

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Taking A Look At The Combat Mechanics Of God Hand

God Hand is a game I talk about on twitter quite a lot and has quickly become one of my absolute favourite games. However, the reception of God Hands Release in 2006 is rather mixed, most notably the 3/10 score from IGN. Some people like TheGamingBrit on Youtube however, call it a legendary title. How does it come that the opinions about this game are so split apart?

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The “Call of Duty Problem”

E3 2016, Sony’s Conference, I missed it since I was sleeping during the conference and I re-watched it the day after. Suddenly, a game set in space, with cool looking space-battles, interesting Zero Gravity Sections where you have to rely a lot on moving with a grapple and ways to go around your opponents from different angles etc. Personal Impression is good and I’m wondering what game this is…

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Devil May Cry 4: Gods Must Die – A Protocol of Pain

Devil May Cry 4 is a very difficult game on its highest difficulty setting “Dante Must Die”. DmC: Devil May Cry, the “reboot” from 2013 also had “Dante Must Die”… compared to DMC4 it was rather easy. So the developers decided to bring out the “Definitive Edition” of DmC: Devil May Cry which comes with a new difficulty setting called “Gods Must Die” in which the enemies are stronger than in Dante Must Die and it removes the ability to use items as well as every possibility to heal yourself. Some modders probably looked at this and thought: “DMC4 needs God Must Die as well”. Continue reading

Dark Souls 3 PvP – How to be an honorable Duelist

PvP. A place where the worst of the worst and the best of the best can be found. Assholes and Heroes can be found here as well as Trolls and Pros. However, thanks to Dark Souls being such an “open” game, different people expect different things from PvP and want to play it in their own way. Roughly, there are 2 kinds of PvP, Duels and Invasions. I like to play both kinds but I personally enjoy Duels more, since I am someone who loves fair 1vs1 fights. However, there are indeed some things you should consider when dueling, so here is a little Guide on how to fight “Honorable Duels”. Continue reading