Macross Delta Episode 6 – Galactic concert! (and Fanarts)

You might have noticed that I skipped episode 5, I barely had any time and it’s absolutely not because of Dark Souls. Nope, absolutely not, I’m also definitely not working on another Dark Souls post right now, nono, don’t you dare to think that, since this is 100% not the case.

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Macross Delta Episode 4 – The Aerial Knights of Windermere

As I predicted in the last post about Macross Delta, episode 4 is now approaching the actual storyline of this show. We get to see a few pretty great action scenes and a “proper” introduction of the antagonists. Also we see Mikumo naked….. now that is a cheap clickbait, let me correct that: We see Mikumo naked, but not from an angle where we can see a lot.

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