Understanding Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – A Problem

I’ve been writing on an Umineko Review for way too long now and I pretty much gave up at this point. This was due to me not knowing how to spoil as few as possible, as pretty much all praise I give towards Umineko with the exception of the Soundtrack leads into a spoiler. This is not the only problem, the bigger issue is that I myself, the one who writes the review does not fully understand Umineko.

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Moe Antropomorphism – Everything Can Be Human

Look at the next object you can find. How would it look like an anime girl or boy? Imagine this, create a concept, and if you’re creative enough, you can come up with a clear imagine and draw it! At some point in Japan, someone looked at an old World War II Battleship and thought the same. This is my theory on how Kantai Collection happened, which followed and was followed by a lot of different ideas on how to use Moe Anthropomorphism…

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Panzer Waltz – A Game about Tanky Anime Girls

Japan has made Moe Anthropomorphism kind of popular, under this term you understand the very concept of rendering non-human objects as cute girls or boys, a concept that ran around the world.  Even today it just keeps on giving, in January this year Toyota advertised their Prius by taking it apart and personifying the parts of the car as anime girls which was kind of pretty awesome. Nekopara, which is almost a franchise at this point, made with Chocola and Vanilla two catgirls for the eternity and not to mention the incredible phenomenon of Kantai Collection which represented (mostly the japanese) marine force of World War II as anime girls.

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Sakuga: Tales of Zestiria The X Episode 3 – A (Not So) Small Analysis

With Tales of Zestiria the X, studio ufotable once again impresses quite the chunk of the anime community with their visual design and rises to quite a popularity, even among people who don’t know anything about the “Tales of” series, like me for example. So after especially episode 3 impressed me animation-wise I decided to analyze the fight between Alisha and the assassin, only to notice a lot more details which were put into these cuts…with both negative and positive results

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Studios And Their Identities

So a while ago, I wrote the “Can a Fandom destroy an Anime Experience” Article. Part of it explained the “KyoAni-Circlejerk”, which can be summed roughly in: “An fan-overreaction to KyoAni Stuff”. Of course my viewpoint here was not the only one, a lot out there also experienced the “ufotable-Circlejerk” negatively, same goes for a “SHAFT-Circlejerk”… But outside of these 3, things seem to get rather silent. In a conversation I came up with the theory that these 3 studios cause these experience due to their strong identities…

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Humanity’s Successor – A concept (Part 1)

What if humanity was wiped out by a very human-like alien race who consider themselves to be a better humanity? The world becomes occupied by different forces of said alien-races, all claiming to be the better humanity and more suitable for inhabiting the planet. However, slowly but surely, history repeats itself as the alien start making similar mistakes to their predecessors… Some notice that, some don’t.  Continue reading